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  1. Trade in values $3000- $5000 higher with semi- conductor shortage.

    Yep experienced something amazing yesterday. I traded my 2016 civic sedan ext with 50k miles. Bought new in 2016 for $20,100 +tax title. I got $17,000 on trade. ?? Yep you all need to go trade your cars. Look at to get an idea of what it's worth first. Plus I got a new 2021 Sport Hatch...
  2. 2016 Civic 1.5T Software update

    I just had my 2016 ext serviced today with the 3rd or 4th software update. They changed the oil and I imagine it was some kind of bandaid for the gas in the oil issue. It feels like there is a loss in power. Anyone know really what they did to my ffing car? Lol
  3. Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans

    Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans Repairs will start in five cold-weather states By Jeff Plungis October 30, 2018 146 SHARES CR-V engine fix in December for models with a faulty turbocharged engine that can leak gasoline into the oil system. But the automaker will focus...
  4. Consumer Reports: Honda CR-Vs plagued by engine trouble I wonder if this isn't a full wide scale 1.5T issue. I hope not.
  5. 2019 Honda Civic's new Sport trim starts at $21,150

    2019 Honda Civic's new Sport trim starts at $21,150 The Honda Civic is currently in the middle of its 10th-generation stride, picking up a few notable updates for the 2019 model year. But one thing it didn't pick up was a big ol' price hike. The 2019 Honda Civic starts at $19,450 for a base...
  6. Honda Civic Car Pooling Gets A New Meaning

    Much like all of us would like to do on a stressful day during our 9-to-5 work grind, a Honda Civic rolled into a Florida pool Tuesday afternoon. Who doesn’t love a good dip? Local police said driver of the car didn’t get it into park before getting out, and it rolled into a nearby pool with two...

    Anyone looking for an Accord. Possible $1000-$2000 below invoice deals are on the way. Accord EX MSRP * $27,470 Invoice * $25,130 Accord Sport 1.5T MSRP * $25,780 Invoice * $23,588 Accord LX MSRP * $23,570 Invoice * $21,573...
  8. OEM Si / Type-R parts for my EXT

    Spoiler cost $273.43 College Hills Honda, light kit installed but no mounting bolts. Bought 6mmx20 stainless bolts with stainless lock washers
  9. Sad day for a 2017 EXT civic

    Well my wife's EXT civic has started leaking oil. Yep in Honda service now getting a new oil pan seal and they said something about orings. What ever that means. 17k miles just noticed the oil on the driveway yesterday. Oh btw I got a crv awd lx for a loaner. Poopy.. haha I just don't like that...
  10. TYPE-R Wheels caps.. Buyers Beware of China Fakes

    Okay, top row China fake with fading over 2-3 months. Bottom left oem Real TypeR - right original OEM Honda cap. I am making this post to make everyone aware do not bye China garbage for your car on eBay. Sure you might be saving a little money but it's basically money down the drain. As you...
  11. Be Celebrated Happy First Anniversary Card from Honda

    Look what came in the mail today. A thank you card with a microfiber cloth to clean the infotainment screen. It says "Thanks being part of the Honda family". Well Honda it's been a pleasure for the last 25 years and many more.
  12. Type R Clones? Let's see them.

    Let's see who has the best TypeR clone... ;) All civics welcome. Edit: hahahaaa. Mine is just a passing.. "Hey that's a, noooooo". But I did have a guy walk around my car taking pictures while I was pumping gas once. So funny. I was like goofball. I want to see a Hatch Sport with wing and...
  13. 2017 Si review

    No BS well rounded review
  14. New TypeR steering wheels

    $250 plus shipping each
  15. Type-R red dash trim modding

    Anyone paint the Civic trim TypeR red? Or order the parts?
  16. Si parts for my EXT civic... oooohhh

    Spoiler cost $273.43 College Hills Honda, light kit installed but no mounting bolts. :( No clue what size to use.
  17. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    2017 Civic Si 2dr, 4dr Honda suggested Retail: MSRP * $23,900 What the dealer pays: Invoice * $22,201 Dealer kick back from Honda: HOLDBACK $676 Destination? Make them eat it.. mmm mmm yum yum.. ;) Your target price should be $21k - $21.5k + Tax Title