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  1. Injen Short Ram Intake For Sale

    Selling my injen short ram intake. 2k miles on it. Commute over 100miles a day. Out the door for me was $275. Letting go for $200+shipping OBO
  2. Ktuner advice

    Oh ok gotcha. I thought I would be able to just view it on the menus at any time.
  3. Ktuner advice

    Bought it used on a good price. I'll probably end up buying it
  4. Ktuner advice

    I've looked at that menu but I just don't see the names of the tunes I made for it. I don't see my customized names for the tunes anywhere on the ktuner software or app
  5. Ktuner advice

    Also I was trying to store tunes on the slots. After storing with a label where do I check to see if it was actually stored on the slot?
  6. Ktuner advice

    I was thinking about tsp stage 1 for the future. I wanted to see how the base maps are for at least a month
  7. Ktuner advice

    Thanks. I’ll run the tune no tweaks for a week and change them this weekend
  8. Ktuner advice

    Just got my ktuner v1.2 this past weekend. I reflashed with ktuner stage 1 tune. Seeing if anyone has any advice or tips.
  9. In the market for a ktuner

    I am new to this site. I've been doing some research on ktuner and I think I am ready to pull the trigger on one. Thinking of v1.2 but will do the v2 for a good price. If you've got one for sale lmk! Thanks!