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  1. Vibration in Engine Area

    I have an odd vibration in the engine area. I feel it through the steering wheel and gas pedal. It's not constant and not while idle. It doesn't happy from bumps in the road. It can go on for 2-5 seconds..something like a rubber mallet a wheel loose. I can feel it best when...
  2. Passenger side door not opening.

    2019 Coupe Sport. If I stop, leave the car running, leave car with fob and come back. I will not be able to open the passenger side door, even when using the fob to unlock.
  3. black trim on top of car came loose/bent

    went through a touchless car wash and a few days later i noticed the trim came loose on the driverside, the black liner on the top. the car only has 2k miles. this is in additional to the a piller panels being extremely noisey 9probably the rear too and the headliner trim not being properly...
  4. Rubber molding on top of car damaged

    After a touchless car was the rubber molding on the top of my car bent and is now loose. Does anyone else have this issue? This is not the only trim issue with the vehicle.
  5. Engine area knocking/rattling

    2019 Civic Sport Coupe. There is some engine area vibration I can feel though the steering wheel and gas pedal. I thought it was just the road, but even on a flat road at 25mph coasting i can feel a random rattle/vibrations. It's not constant. It's more heavy/thumping like somethink is...
  6. Coupe backup camera

    My backup camera absoilutely SUCKS at night. Not only is it way too bright, the contrast is so heavy it's impossible to see anything. Also, I don't think the dotted warning line is even correctly lined up as I always have like 6 inches of space even backing up all the way to the dotted line.
  7. 1st sub 30F in my 2019 2.0 Sport

    1st sub 30F in my 2019 2.0 Sport and remind myself why I bought it over the 1.5. It warms up like butter. Engine hot a ready baby, no more Cold Engine!
  8. Windshield Speckles

    2019 Civic Sport Coupe with 200 miles, noticed the windowshield is heavily speckeled in the sun. Took it back to the dealerhsip to have them properly detail the window, but no change.
  9. Forward parking camera?

    Are there are cameras that we can install that are forward facing on the bumper area that will feed into the 2016+ head units?
  10. Bought 19 Civic Sport Coupe Red!

    Just bought a 19 Civic Sport Coupe Red! My only question! Should I get bodyside molding or not? I have it on my 19 CRV and love it. Anyone with nice photos of a current gen civic coupe with bodyside molding so I can see? Thanks.
  11. black 2016 ex-t coupe 21k out the door

    He's got 1 319-325-3510. This is like a cedar rapids honda dealer, go.
  12. Test drove 2017 CRV with Civics Turbo engine

    So I test drove 2017 CRV with Civics Turbo engine...and I was expecting the great pep that the civic gets...and is very spongy on acceleration...very very disappointing. This new heavy CRV really needs 200+ hp. Not sure if anyone feels the same.
  13. 15% Ethanol, can it take it?

    I live in Iowa and it's 15% ethanol everywhere. Can it take it?
  14. EX-L vs. Touring

    Is there a reason to spend 2000 more for the touring over ex-l?
  15. 2016 civic ex-t vs. 2017 hyundai tuscon eco/sport turbo

    Both are the same price, both have turbos, one is suv, one is compact. I drove both. Tucson is a great suv probably better than current crv. The turbo is great as is its dct. It gets very good gas mileage in the eco (base model) and gets a few less in the sport model that comes with blind...
  16. Test Drove EX Hatch + EX-T today -- passing

    So I wanted to try out passing on the freeway with the EX Hatch. Had baby in back with wife. Slams on the gas and easily schools this dude, look down and I'm at 97 mph lol. Missed the exit. Look back, baby passed out.
  17. 16' Civic Coupe vs. 90s Civic Del Sol - Go

    The new civic coupe reminds me of a civic del sol, my all time fav car.
  18. Civic Coupe LX vs. Sedan LX

    Wow, can you believe the Coupe LX gets alloy wheels and the Sedan gets hubcaps... Talk about unfair :(.
  19. Civic center console fabic

    Anyone else find the center console between the front seats to be covered in horrible fabric? Not only is the fabric rough and uncomfortable to touch while driving, its very cheap feeling and I can only imagine it ripping with use. Anyone have any experiences with it?
  20. 3rd party blind spot detection

    I saw this youtube video showing aftermarket blind spot detection installed on a new Accord. Anyone with similar experience?