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  1. Android auto connection issues

    Yes, you have to leave it plugged in to use it. Currently, it's not connected wirelessly
  2. car got hit and run--help me out !

    Agreed in theory. Other kid has no insurance, so how do you make sure "he has to pay"? Easy said than done, I am afraid.
  3. Coupe SI vs Sedan SI ??

    Interesting... First time I heard someone chose sedan for look. ;-) You get the best of both worlds then, look and practicality.
  4. Coupe SI vs Sedan SI ??

    Comparing the pix here, coupe may have a little more headroom for driver? I picked coupe due to the look and not much compromise in versatility. I have family and kids but 90% of my driving is commuting to work is by myself. I do have other family car so I don't see much downside of backseat...
  5. Slow leak in tire?

    When my car was about 2 weeks old, I ran over a nail once and I did not know. I thought the sensor was wrong. I went to the dealer and asked them to check the sensor. Then I brought the car back a few days later. They spotted the nail but it was too close to the side and refused to plug it...
  6. 2020 Real World MPG

    " Does it make a difference when you refill? " You asked about range on full tank. If I ran the car until it completely runs out of gas, then that is the most 'accurate' measurement. The later or lower the fuel level, the more accurate it will be. Even the dash board says 450 miles range, I...
  7. 2020 Real World MPG

    " how many miles per full tank are you guys getting? " this depends greatly on when one refills. I refill before the low fuel light coming on. After each refill, the range on the dashboard says around 450 miles. My overall average is around 36 mpg. I mostly drove highway ( before covid ) to...
  8. Hand Brake

    Maybe for some... I still refer hand brake over these e-stuff. I don't like hill assist either, wish I can turn it off. These new tech is great helping ppl driving manual. I want to 'feel' the car a little more, want to know how much gas pedal I should press to go from stop on a hill, want to...
  9. Hand Brake

    I think it is shorter than 10 minutes. I hated it when it engages at a long traffic light.
  10. Hand Brake

    I see your point but if e-brake is mimicking the old hand brake, then the current way is more appropriate. Many ppl drive stick get into the habit of shifting in to gear, hand-brake (e-brake) when park anywyay. Not really a big deal for many.
  11. My front windshield (outside) won't defog no matter what I do

    Defog or defrost? There is button for defog and you can blast AC to defog. Defrost is different story, it needs heat to melt the frost
  12. Replacing ugly muffler on my Si

    Interesting... My shop told me changing just the tips does not affect anything but the look.
  13. Mountain bike options for an Si coupe

    I guess depend on comfort level. I never had roof rack and heard story "someone drive into garage forgetting the bikes on top". And at the end of the long ride, I wouldn't want to load 30+ lb bike onto the roof.
  14. Mountain bike options for an Si coupe

    Somehow I knew you would post something like this... So, picture time. Sorry the lighting is not great but does the job. I have Saris Bone for 3 bikes (Bone-3?), not sure if it's EX or now. I just put the rack on quickly to show you. I didn't strap down tightly. FYI. 1. I used the outer...
  15. Mountain bike options for an Si coupe

    I also used Saris Bone 2 ( but for 3 bikes version ). The rack fits over the spoiler with plenty of room. You can adjust the arms to achieve this. I used to put 2 mountain bikes (26 and 27.5) without any issue. Of course one has to be careful when going over bumps and tie down the straps...
  16. Should I get an Oil Change??

    My 2 cents: MM, 5k or every 6 months. If it took a year to drive 5k miles, I would not wanna wait that long for oil change.
  17. It's official - There will be an 11th Gen Civic Si!

    I bought the coupe solely for the look. Most of the times I have no passengers so sedan does not get me any advantage. If there were SI hatchback, i would jump on that.
  18. What’s your most loved/hated thing about your Si?

    For SI, it is not even an option in US. I had homelink in older Honda.
  19. What’s your most loved/hated thing about your Si?

    Hmmmm Putting them ogether "beautifully engineered machine" and "wife"... That gives me a pause... Robo-wife or maybe Stepford Wife? ;-)
  20. Bike Rack For Si Sedan

    Hmmm... I used the Saris Bone 3-bike mount and sometime carried 2 bikes. I am sure both bikes, mnt and road, would weigh over 35 lbs. My SI coupe has a higher spoiler than sedan version. I have not seen any scratch on my spoiler, trunk lid or anywhere. I was careful and slow down when going...