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  1. Wearelikewise

    M10 of course!
  2. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Sport Plus Total tuned time: 12 months Tuned miles driven: 10,000+ Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V1.2 Tunes used: Tsp Stage 1 for non-si Fuel used: European 100 RON Premium fuel Additional related mods: Prl Cobra Street MAF, custom made cat-back exhaust, Eibach Prokit...
  3. Newly available quick adjustments for TSP Stage 1 and Stage 2 Tunes! (Throttle Responsiveness and Padding)

    Sorry but.... i assume that the update also refers to the non-si version, doesn't it !? Do you plan to make possible to customize maps 1-2-3 with psi selection like Andre80 said ?
  4. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Yeah, is the same intake that my friend bought (that one you can find on Aliexpress).
  5. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Because a friend of mine run Gravity cold air intake (a chinese intake similar to cobra), and he shared a lot of data with me and other friends. For the most of the time, in mixed road he run at the same temperatures as external, 5° F more maximum.
  6. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    It can't be similar... Where do you get the data to say that? Someone said that 27won is similar to stock intake temperatures, other says that is 20 degrees over ambient, other like you says that is like cobra... But what I know is that the cobra IAT is very similar to ambient temperature.
  7. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Because on the PRL the cone is sitting behind the bumper 30cm from asphalt, on the 27won the cone is into a box right in the engine bay.... Is not similar
  8. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Why everytime you ask about 27won intake, PRL Cobra fanboys comeout? PRL Cobra and 27won are different intakes!
  9. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    So, cruising with 27won CAI you can see 20°F over ambient ?
  10. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Yeah when you stop the hot asphalt and the hot air from the engine is brutal, but when cruising at 60mph, how much higher is IAT1 from outside temp? In theory with cobra is almost the same, how about 27won ? Is there any data?
  11. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Do you have Hondata? Because on KTuner IAT2 is post intercooler, you have to look at IAT1 which is the sensor on the MAF (post intake)
  12. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    I read someone that had temperatures similar to the stock one due to the plastic cover... So is it false?
  13. 27won iat/external temperature difference

    Just want to know how perform 27won cold air intake, in relation to external temperature. For example, cold air intake like PRL cobra and external temperature (that one you can see on the instrument panel) are almost the same when the car is moving. How about 27won CAI, what difference between...
  14. All the aftermarket cooling mods for 1.5T with data.

    I have the same problem but there is the possibility to open some holes around the cover.
  15. All the aftermarket cooling mods for 1.5T with data.

    Nice temperature drop! Did you installed Injen Hydroshield or similar for the water that come from the holes ?
  16. All the aftermarket cooling mods for 1.5T with data.

    So, i see some posts on the aftermarket cooling mods for FK8, but not too much information about the 1.5t engine. I want to make this post to collect all the aftermarket/DIY solutions to cool down the engine bay. Grilles, wrap, intercooler, radiators, vents, intakes, downpipe are all allowed...