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  1. 3 Mods you should do that are under $1K

    Just changed to the K&N drop-in filter and I'm glad I did. Acceleration is noticeably smoother and if my gas mileage improves that will just be a bonus. Obviously this mod won't add much HP, but I wasn't expecting that so I'm not disappointed. The smoother power band alone is worth the $50, IMO.
  2. Joined the KTuner world

    You guys are killing me, I'm trying to be responsible while my car is still within it's warranty window but all these positive impressions are making it extremely difficult not to tune! Especially hearing now that premature clutch slippage is less of an issue using the more conservative maps...
  3. What's your SI looking like today?

    When that light hits it just right...perfection.
  4. Where do you pump?

    Costco, best price available on 93 by a good margin in my area.
  5. 3 Mods you should do that are under $1K

    Am I correct in assuming that the PRL Stage 1 intake and K&N drop-in filter would be more or less similar in terms of sound enhancement and performance (+4-5HP)?
  6. 3 Mods you should do that are under $1K

    Thanks guys, going to order the filter first since it's a safe, inexpensive upgrade that should help the engine breathe a bit better...hopefully this will fit the '19 Si as well (don't see why it wouldn't)...
  7. 3 Mods you should do that are under $1K

    I’ve been very satisfied with the K&N air filters that I’ve used in the past. Would a dry (vs. oiled) filter reduce my chances of running into issues with the MAF sensor? Forgive my ignorance here, but I would hate to have the dealer fighting me over a warranty claim that they deny due to a...