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  1. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Oh shoot. I thought I did...maybe I made a separate thread about it? IDK my bad. Turned out to be a bad coil. Coil #4 got wet down in the spark plug tube and went bad. Warranty replaced. I feel like I need to check them after I wash the car. I'm not driving every day and the car is definitely...
  2. DIY - EDM Power Fold mirrors, 56K-NO!

    That works! If you order from me, it ships direct from Tegiwa or the parts distributor depending on what it is. If anyone else needs a Passenger Side housing, I have 2 on hand. I can still ship-
  3. Retrofit Heated Mirrors

    I thought someone determined the mirror heaters were 12watts each. . . . if you can confirm this, you can use a 2.5amp fuse but a 5 should be good too just a little more tolerant.
  4. 19 CTR from the US to Germany build

    Yes sir! Yes I have all of the above. The Rear Fog Light fits in but requires custom wiring. The side mirrors power fold, have turn signals, might be heated (almost definitely heated), and have Blind Spot Monitor indicators...and requires total custom wiring. The headlight washers...custom...
  5. 19 CTR from the US to Germany build

    Looks good! Your mods are definitely performance/driving oriented but you could consider swapping/getting some Euro tail lights, side mirrors, headlights, headlight washers, clear corners...just to name a couple. You'd stand out when you bring it back here! I can think of only one person here...
  6. Are there any Civic Type R YouTube content creators here?

    I make mixed stuff but my TypeR is in there a lot. I'm BTurismo on YouTube (but I don't have enough subs for a custom channel URL, so I think it might still be 09CivicSiBrian)
  7. Retrofit Heated Mirrors

    Just confirming and saying it out loud - this is for the Defroster right? Did you use an additional relay to power up the mirrors or just power right to them?
  8. EDM dash switches - parts list!

    This is pretty awesome! I think I can work with this- I'll share pics as I get into it!
  9. EDM dash switches - parts list!

    That would be super helpful! If you could take some pictures that show the headlight washers it would really help me develop a template on where to cut into the bumper to mount them! I'm just trying to make it as authentic as possible- FYI They're not a round cut - more like a rectangle with...
  10. Request: european headlight washers on north American cars?

    I've been trying to reach RyWire to see if they have anything but I haven't bugged them in a while. I'm also trying to get in touch with a scrapyard in Europe but no luck at all. I tried to scan in the back of the switch...but the iphone is just seeing a black hole and won't pick up the detail...
  11. Request: european headlight washers on north American cars?

    Well... it seems it's pretty easy to 'rig' it up but getting it to work properly with the dash button is a bit of a challenge - just because I can't locate a connector that fits the switch.Still hunting.
  12. Remember the "small wing Type R"? It's a EUDM 3 cylinder.

    I can tell you the Peugeot I rented in England was fun but underpowered tremendously. This Civic would have about 40 more hp vs the Peugeot which would have helped a lot - considering most English country roads are continuous passing zones.
  13. CAN BUS, the CAN Gateway, and writing to the BCM

    Ok. So I'd have to figure out how to decompile it, edit, recompile, and then write it to the module?? I don't have HDS of idea what format to expect or anything...I need a grownup!
  14. K20C1 Dimensions and Specifics!

    I think this will be a great sleeper! I'm fairly sure there's enough room in there so just a matter of making all the systems interface. My one bit of advice - make sure to keep your A/C - or, rather, make the AC work. CTR uses R1234 so try to make the R134 in the Prelude work so you can...
  15. DIY: Adding turn signal Lights to Si/EX side mirrors

    I still have two of the passenger side mirror housings in stock (from Europe) if anyone needs-
  16. DIY - EDM tail lights (with rear fog light)

    I got the light working but it's still not 100%... as in, I still have to power cycle to turn the lights off! hah. Weak.
  17. Rear fog lights?

    In case anyone is looking, I now list the EDM rear tail lights with fog light on the from Tegiwa or Honda somewhere on Continental Europe-
  18. Mugen Hydrophilic LED mirror - Install

    I didn't do mine yet but to function like OEM, they should turn on with the rear defroster. The factory switchgear from Europe shows a dual-purpose button on the dash.
  19. 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Specs! North America, Canada and Europe!

    Door pocket? No this isn't standard but I think it's a dealer-installed option.
  20. PA Cars & Coffee + Other Meets

    I'm in York. I drive up to Moscow/Scranton area a couple times a year but I've only had the R up there once. I don't really know of much going on that isn't pop-up or whatnot but as the weather improves the events will start to stack up. Facebook seems to be the best way to keep track of...