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  1. 18.5k and possible blown head gasket :(

    Or maybe what's happening is the tech that has the diagnostic skills is on vacation so the dealer doesn't have a choice but to wait too. As long as it's a warranty work and you don't have to pay out off your pocket is still good enough in my perspective.
  2. 2019 Championship White Type R for sale bought a 2019 Si and traded it for that 2019 Type R and now your selling it?
  3. Any reason to upgrade to 2020 SI

    I don't get the want for Honda Sensing. Does people today really need tech assist to drive safely? I don't like my Si telling me how to drive her.
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    What's the complete specs of your wheels?
  5. 2020 Gear Ratio Question

    Yep it really is less fuel efficient. Posted in official Honda website.
  6. 2020 Gear Ratio Question

    Agreed. My calculation is for the 2020 Si is that on 6th gear, you'll be at about 48mph at 2000rpm compared to the 52mph at 2000rpm for earlier years. So at 60mph cruise, the 2020 Si is less fuel efficient.
  7. 2020 si wheels

    Me too. The 17-19 Si wheels have great amount of space to get your brush/mitt to clean the inner part of the wheel. But still ended up replacing them because of fear of getting stolen. Is it true the 2020 Si has artificial engine sound to its sound system?
  8. Civic Sport Touring 6MT vs Si

    12 speaker system? More space? Already comes with front lip and side skirts?
  9. Political Correctness (Don't Laugh; Serious Question Here)

    You restrict your speech for the sake of feeling of others. Forever an awful deal. Tell them that you'll feel offended if you can't say what you want and now both parties are in feelings vs feelings.
  10. California State Refd

    I kn I know until some guy in the 1st page started the crack into breaking this into something else
  11. California State Refd

    Are we finally going to make this thread into full blown politics?
  12. Civic interior trim install

    if you're going to spray red paint over it, then yes. but if you're going to install one of those cheap adhesive red trims that can easily found on ebay, then obviously you don't need to take of the trim pieces.
  13. Civic interior trim install

    Nice HFP floor mats. You're not doing your AC vents?
  14. Civic interior trim install

    Which modification are you looking to install?
  15. Civic interior trim install

    Exactly. I also did my steering wheel
  16. Civic interior trim install

    Mine unforetunately faded because of sun exposure. So I replaced mine with a bunch of fake china carbon and red trims.