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  1. Las Vegas

    Is the Is the light bulb still available?
  2. Las Vegas

    It was good! Not too many people went but its alright.
  3. Coupe’s

    might have to buy one too tanabe 👌🏼
  4. Las Vegas

    Well see you there sir! ✌🏻
  5. Las Vegas

    Vegas meet up anyone can come. Decide what time it should be perfect like around 6pm or 7pm not too hot. And where suggest any location? How bout in and out tropicana and 215? They have a huge parking out there. If you guys want to come. All jdm are invited. But mostly civic lol 🤣 invite your...
  6. Las Vegas

    Chat me on instagram. Follow Rated_Si
  7. Las Vegas

    If so lets find more people and where
  8. Las Vegas

    You down for next saturday?
  9. Coupe’s

    drop some pics of your fresh wash!
  10. Las Vegas

    Anyone is down next saturday for meet up?
  11. Las Vegas

    I got a straight pipe and dp all goods no cel issue and smog ijust have to turn off the code for the catalytic
  12. Las Vegas

    Question guys would my car pass on smog since i got straight pipe exhaust with an aftermarket downpipe?
  13. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Experience Survey

    Just got my ktuner 1.2 I just flash 19.5/23.5 psi With K&N CAI and straight pipe exhaust. Any modification/suggestions that i can do? Without harming any parts of the car. Please send help thank you!
  14. *chirp chirp* Am I the only one in Utah?!

    Mt. Zion tomorrow anyone? Im coming from vegas so just to visit mt zion. And take pictures hows the weather?
  15. Las Vegas

    Mt. Zion tomorrow whos up?
  16. Las Vegas

    Any plans this weekend? Meet ups? Just to hang out for a bit?
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Thinking about wrapping your civic si coupe xgen spoiler? Do it!
  18. Coupe’s

    Here is another updated about the spoiler wrapping looks pretty good
  19. Coupe’s

    Here is the photo brian. Hope that would work
  20. Coupe’s

    I will take a picture later. You're Welcome