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  1. Max horsepower

    We sent the motor to 4 Piston Racing for rebuild back in 2018, so we had the built block before we upgraded the turbo setup. However, 4 Piston found our block seemed to be defective from factory.
  2. Mishimoto's 2017 Type R Intake R&D Thread

    I have only seen claimed data showing poor IAT's from the Mishimoto intake, but our hours and hours of recorded data on and off track in GA high ambient temps have not shown high heat soak of the mishimoto intake nor poor IAT, this on a car that has track data at multiple power levels from...
  3. Just FYI: Honda Type R TC cooling

    HPD TC fk8 is not same as JAS TCR. TC has side mount oil coolers on each side, that is all i can share
  4. Aftermarket wing ?

    Nine Lives Racing also has one, they are more affordable option, aluminum, but full CFD design and work well on track. Original design was done on out Time Attack CTR, first one here on first FK8 to compete in Honda Challenge, built by us as well. 2 length options, 3 end plate options, gurny...
  5. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    Racebred sells the splitter precut specifically for the CTR, in different sizes up to 3". This one was done special in 4", thats 4" extension. I used 2 of their s2000 quick release mounts, slightly modified, but still not easy to release on CTR, doing it again i would use custom bolted...
  6. Hood Vents

    We have some vents sets being cut right now, our own design. We 3D scanned the hood top and bottom to fit the vents perfectly, and used CAD airflow data for design. Ours are primarily designed for true track enthusiasts and have a panel that replaces the stock scoop, as well as 3 other panels...
  7. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    2021 Civic Type R will be the limited edition, so we know that 2021 will still be 10th gen, but most likely the Limited Edition will close out the generation and mid 2021 we will see the 12th Gen come as a 2022 model
  8. Roll cage for FC3 si coupe?

    i will be building a full cage for my 2018 Si coupe soon
  9. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    Racebred Components splitter using their s2000 quick release chassis mounts modified to fit the CTR bumper support beam, 4 support braces behind the bumper. works very well, is very stiff. Very happy with it.
  10. Best bang for the buck brake upgrade?

    I am putting together a "Race" BBK with Wilwood. It will be a Race spec but will also be fine for street. It is similar to the Honda Performance Development setup that is used on the World Challenge TCA class Civic Si race cars, that kit is exclusively available from HPD for actual race cars...
  11. New HardRace Front Lower Camber Adjusters

    A good alignment shop should know they can loosen the rear subfram and shift it slightly to equalize the camber some.
  12. RV6 Performance Front Compliance Mount and Spherical Bushing Install Guide For FK8 Type R

    I have been running these parts, as well as the rear trailing arm sphericals for nearly 2 years on our time attack FK8, including many miles on the street. I personally feel they don't hamper the ride quality enough to offset the performance advantage. If you are deciding on a spherical joint...
  13. ECT over OBD?

    I didnt read all the comments, but anyone that says the dash gauge is enough, sure, it is enough for basic street driving but if you are tracking the car, I recommend having a real numerical value present. The stock gauge is slow to react until actual temps get dangerously high. I have seen...
  14. Share your FK8 mods list

    we honestly didnt see that in our testing originally, but our enviroment wasnt as controlled as theirs may have been. Currently we are using the Mishimoto maint box unit but with a custom top panel to clear our larger 4" MAF Housing
  15. Greddy DD-R exhaust

    I have one of these new DD-R Exhaust on the way for my Si Coupe build. I will install it and get clips with stock DP and front pipe, then with the RV6 Catless DP and front pipe
  16. Share your FK8 mods list

    USR race side mount oil cooler, 25 row USR 3" stainless race exhaust with single exit Magnaflow muffler USR 4-Point hard mounted mini hoop harness bar USR front tow hook USR front spherical sway bar drop links USR custom radiator ducting USR strut brace with brake master cylinder support 4...
  17. Type R fenders on SI

    Lol, well you definitely cant trust most dealer employees on things like that.
  18. Godspeed camber arms

    The Godspeed arms use Spherical bearings on both ends so they will move some once tightened down. Just make sure the jam nuts on the outboard adjustment are tight.
  19. Type R fenders on SI

    Did you actually try it? I have bolted OEM FK8 fenders on an FK7 hatch. The lower takes some working of the sideskirt or use CTR side skirts, but otherwise the fender bolts right on. I have a 2018 Si coupe and we have some FK8 carbon fenders at the shop that I will be installing on it, so I...
  20. Port injection at last!!

    Was only at just under 400whp during that video. Have only run it in the rain at Road Atlanta with 492whp and was hitting 145mph letting off early. Currently at 7800rpm due to limit in Hondata, but engine still pulls and makes power but having issue blowing wastegate open. Next year probably...