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  1. Anyone else have a duckbill spoiler fetish like I do?

    I'm not sure that's accurate, knowing Honda there's always a couple of clips and one bolt/nut to hold the spoiler on. I'm pretty sure this one is the same.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing 18 deficiencies with their car?

    Though I haven't gone over mine with a fine tooth comb as I believe the OP has I have found a few issues with my '16 Touring (built in January) 1. Subwoofer / rear deck rattle drives me nuts, even with sub level at half and volume below 15 2. Bluetooth audio seems to cut out (sounds like a cd...
  3. To what temperature do you set your auto climate control?

    I've never used the auto climate control yet. I really hate the fan noise from when the system automatically turns it up to make up the difference between the actual and requested temperature.
  4. Some 2017 Civic Si details we learned

    You're right that it makes sense (especially to us enthusiasts) but that doesn't mean they'll do it. This is the same company that axed the S2K and then built the ZDX that only lasted a couple of years.
  5. Ontario check-in!

    Yeah, I wanted to get an HCM built car, we're pretty proud of the products we make up here!
  6. Ontario check-in!

    I'm in Alliston and I just picked up my '16 Touring last week. It's quite the upgrade from my 2014 LX!
  7. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    Hi, I got my Touring last week and am already sick of the rattle, it doesn't bother my wife much but when I listen to channels 43 & 44 on XM Hip Hop and Backspin the rattle is really bad! I currently have the bass and sub at the middle level and the rattle can be heard with the volume as low as...
  8. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I got my 2016 Touring (in white) last Wednesday and am enjoying it so far! I actually came on here to find out what to do about the terrible subwoofer rattle, I may try some of the suggestions in the thread. I have had many Hondas in the past, 88 Civic, 93 Civic, '98 Acura EL, '89 Civic...