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  1. Ladder on Highway destroyed my undercarriage

    Haha THANKFULLY! However, my RMM was scuffed up a bit so that may need upgrading soon :D;)
  2. Ladder on Highway destroyed my undercarriage

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes and sharing your similar experiences. Just to update, my insurance decided to file it as a collision and not comprehensive. I took it over to a body shop my insurance company recommended. Once, the stripped the under engine cover, they found that...
  3. Ladder on Highway destroyed my undercarriage

    Thanks for the assurance man! Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience as well. Fingers crossed the damage isnt as bad as it seems. Car drove home fine, no overheating, no funny sounds... well besides the bits and pieces dragging on the ground as i drove home.
  4. Ladder on Highway destroyed my undercarriage

    On my way home from work today on the 101 S (for my LA fam) and I was going about 50 mph. I was only about a car length away from the car in front of me when i saw a ladder perfectly centered in my lane. I had 0 time to switch lanes or even check if it was safe to do so. I drove over it hoping...
  5. Let's see those roof wraps

    I’m not exactly sure how much they would charge for a roof wrap, but when I was shopping around for a place to tint my lights, they gave me the best offer around and I couldn’t be happier with the result. They were also really communicative with me to the point where they texted me throughout...
  6. Let's see those roof wraps

    I would recommend Aerowerkz in City of Industry. They do amazing work and at a reasonable price.
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Long time lurker here.. Tinted out the reverse/signal lights