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  1. I have a 2016 honda civic ex and i want to add a turbo. can i do it?

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I know my 2016 EX-L was a 1.5t, was under the impression that all the 2016 EX level cars were turbocharged. Nope, I'm wrong, there was an EX-T, apparently the ex was the 2.0.
  2. You need to see this modified Coupe

    It's like Darth Vader/Amazon Prime/Ebay, murdered with a red light saber, gonna be hell cleaning off the dead bugs after a night drive. Seriously, too much maintenance. Without the fake vents and some of the other do-dads, it actually could look classy. Also not liking the grill, perhaps one...
  3. Air filter tests - interesting

    Seriously, it's simple physics, if it flows more air, it flows more dirt. I think the factory filter is the correct compromise if you really think about it.
  4. best all season floor mats?

    I'm running the same set of Weathertec mats that I bought for my 16 EX-L Coupe in my 19 Touring Coupe, they still look new when cleaned up and have a lifetime warranty. There are cheaper mats for sure, but these sure have held up well.
  5. Is mid-octane even worth it?

    I agree, my power equipment dealer reccomends the mid-grade with one of the enzyme additives to help neutralize some of the ethanol, I use the blue marine-grade Stabil additive. I also use a 2 gallon (small) can so I have to purchase more often to avoid stale fuel. I'd prefer to use the...
  6. Is mid-octane even worth it?

    I run 87 as per the owners manual in my Touring, tried 93 for 2500 miles, minor differences in smoothness, actually less mpg. Certainly not worth paying 60 cents a gallon more. I run only Toptier rated fuel, Shell, ExxonMobil, Sunoco. On the other hand, my mower shop reccomends mid-grade in my...
  7. How to determine if my fk7 is turbo’d?

    I would think the decal on the cam cover that says:"Earthdreams Technology TURBO" would be a dead giveaway, perhaps obvious isn't so obvious anymore.
  8. Need advice on 2016 Civic EXL head unit

    The Infotainment display in the 10th gen Civic is a twisted tail of menus, what is really needed, as you found out, is a small button that either goes back to factory configuration or "undo changes". I've been driving Civics for 25+ years, had a 16 EX-L, now a 19 Touring, current system still...
  9. High speed "excitement"... cops were involved.

    I occasionally make the run from Harrisburg Pa to Towson Md on I83, falls under the often aggressive Enforcement of both the Pa & Md State Troopers. Pa now has mostly "Sealth Grey" SUV'S, some are unmarked. Interestingly, all have tinted glass, a privilege denied to ordinary citizens here, but...
  10. Today's "People can't drive" report

    The only true cure for stupidity is to let natural selection work-Darwin
  11. Today's "People can't drive" report

    Absolutely mandatory, especially on 2-lane roads with no-passing zones!
  12. Today's "People can't drive" report

    You are certainly correct, we now live in a society where so many are totally self-centered and literally both unaware and uncaring about anyone or anything other than themselves. Adding in their attention to their "devices" (I've been rear-ended twice by texters) and other impairments like...
  13. Stock Tires, how many miles did you get?

    Good tires are, ultimately, the cheapest life insurance you can buy. I personally won't run a tire much lower than 5/32", wet performance especially gets pretty hairy below that on most tires.
  14. What Year, Trim, and miles do you currently have on your Civic?

    2019 Platinum White Pearl Touring Coupe 21,500mi
  15. What modifications can I do on my 2019 Civic LX?

    Gotta agree with this, if you have a typical 3-year lease, don't screw with it and you'll have warranty for 3 years without problems. Change the side markers, keep the appearance up and just enjoy the car. Depending on how picky the leasing dealer is, they can go over the the car with a...
  16. Coupe with a body kit

    Having had a 2016 EX-L Coupe and now a 19 Touring Coupe, I think that had the SI been available with an automatic, I would have gone that way. I've had my share of manuals, far prefer an automatic, the 25 years I worked at a hospital involved a daily commute in heavy traffic, a stick would...
  17. Interested in Purchasing a Honda Civic

    Negotiated at time of purchase, they tried to sell a 3rd party package that included service, then quoted a price about $2200, I leveled with the sales person and requested a different finance guy (finance folks tend to be kinda sleazy everywhere) told her the sale was dependent on a reasonable...
  18. Interested in Purchasing a Honda Civic

    In December of 2018, I paid $1150 for 7year 120k Hondacare on my Civic Touring Coupe. It's a good plan, also includes road service.
  19. P0304 - 2 Injectors were replaced

    Consider a fuel brand change to a Toptier fuel like Shell, Sunoco, ExxonMobil, BP, etc as reccomended by Honda. You won't need the Seafoam. A complete list of Toptier fuels is found on their website, as well as an explanation of exactly why so many manufacturers reccomend or require them in DI...
  20. Cabin Air Filter Service for $80 (LOL)

    This is the usual experience at my dealer although I've learned to do filters & wipers by myself. Sadly, this current crisis has effected them like all of us, about 80% of the service staff has been laid off and they've only got a skeleton crew.