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  1. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    In Toronto the Don Valley Parkway has gone from being called the "Don Valley Parking Lot" to the Don Valley Speedway. My balcony overlooks the DVP and this past weekend there were a few days you'd swear there was a MotoGP race going on...
  2. Dirty rear end...

    Yes, but not to the extent it does to my coupe. I've had hatches and sedans and none has been even close to this bad.
  3. Dirty rear end...

    I don't know if this is a coupe thing or not. The rear end of my car gets more dirty than the rest of my car. When I clay barred my car the first time the bar was clean after every section except for the rear and it was pretty dirty. Winter time it's a nightmare. Does this happen to hatch's...
  4. Why do the stock tires suck?

    Do it. I got 235/40 18's to replace my stock Continentals on my EX-T. Totally transformed the car.
  5. Found perfect way to clean windows

    Back on topic.... I was going to start a thread but saw this and it seems to be somewhat related. A couple of months ago I needed to replace my windshield due to a stone chip. Since then any time I've cleaned the outside it's left a hazy mess that needs to be buffed out. No matter what...
  6. Found perfect way to clean windows

    My steps are as follows: - day before wash with dish soap - wash again with dish soap, then dry - clay bar - polish (if needed) - glaze - seal - wax
  7. 235/40R18 vs 225/40R18

    Yes, they do.
  8. Pitted headlights. What to do.

    :facepalm: I feel like a dolt. Hopefully this isn't another dumb question. Shouldn't I get rid of the pitting first?
  9. Pitted headlights. What to do.

    Sorry, I don't understand what that means.
  10. Pitted headlights. What to do.

    Hello all- I've noticed in the last 6 months that my headlights are pitted. I'm assuming it's due to me commuting to work on a busy highway. I've attached an image. I've read some people using high grit sandpaper. Then seal. Are there any other options out there? I have attached an image...
  11. 235/40R18 vs 225/40R18

    I just put 235/40ZR18's (Pilot Sport 4s) on my '17 EX-T Coupe. They fill the wheel well perfectly. I love the meaty look.
  12. Dealerships Around GTA

    I've been going to Formula Honda since Clarington Honda messed up my alignment on a service. Formula's been great.
  13. Ontario check-in!

    I'm already there. :drive::thumbsup:
  14. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    Coming up on the one year anniversary for my "Green Hornet" [Hence the rear window decal]. I absolutely love this car and the attention it gets. Next week looking at getting the grill and drip rail wrapped in a satin black. Next year it'll be bigger rims and tires.
  15. Walk away lock feature problems

    I've had this happen many times in the 11 months I've had my car. It happened in July when I was at Mosport for the IMSA race. So, I've been 'rebooting' the car ever since. I did take it to the dealership once and they couldn't replicate the problem. Even though I took the car there with...
  16. Ontario check-in!

    Noob here. Currently in Courtice (North York next week...) . Bought my EX-T Coupe 6MT last April. I absolutely love this car. I've named him "The Green Hornet"
  17. Which floormats did you purchase?

    I've got Weathertech's in the front and the OEM Protection Package ones for the back and the trunk. The Weathertechs are great. Unfortunately due to the nature of them they get pretty nasty in the winter. Tried the Chemical Guys floormat cleaner and it didn't work all that well. Actually...
  18. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hello All. David here from North York. Got a '17 Energy Green EX-T Coupe 6MT (aka 'The Green Hornet") that is coming up on his first anniversary. Found this site last week and looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing with their Civics.