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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    based on the headlights I would say its a sport.
  2. Hard to see oil level on dipstick...

    ignore him he's from Quebec.
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    awesome work on the hood the only thing that bugs me is the front piece the carbon is in the wrong direction. other then that I wish I could do that good of a job!!
  4. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    took this outside my local 7-11. man does this colour look great at night!!
  5. any way to disengage Driver Attention?

    I think they mean the pop up that says "this feature is inaccessible when the vehicle is in motion" like when you try and open up the browser or vehicle settings.
  6. Question about heated seats

    you are correct! and to think I actually just found one of my back ones turned on after getting home from work :doh:
  7. Question about heated seats

    when the car turns off yes. when you start the car again you'll have to turn them back on if you want them.
  8. Poll: Your car's gender

    well she bitches at me when I don't have my belt on (going to grab the mail) or if I don't put my foot on the brake to take the e-brake off so its definitely a girl. she doesn't have a name yet tho :(
  9. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    got a call from the dealership said I could pick it up a day early!! only photo I have right now but I plan on taking more when I get back from vaca.
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I picked my baby up today!!! 18 touring hatch in SGP so excited! only thing that I noticed it doesn't have is the rev match totally thought it did but oh well time to learn to heel toe lol
  11. Ontario check-in!

    Hey everyone just got word that my 18 hatch will be ready for me on Friday so excited to join the 10th gen club!!
  12. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    I finally got word that my SGP 18 touring hatch will be mine on Friday!!!!!! thanks to all these photos for helping me pick the best colour and ill be sure to post photos asap.
  13. Sport/touring owners do you use premium fuel?

    Hey everyone, so my 18 sport touring hatch should be here within the week however I had a question regarding fuel. I know the tune on the sport and touring has a recommendation on using premium however gas just sky rocketed and premium is 1.50 a liter (4.50 a gallon). Is it safe or will I ruin...
  14. Any regrets getting a touring instead of a lower trim?

    Have you taken a hatch out for a test drive? all the benefits of the touring you have but available in a 6MT!
  15. 2017 Hatchback - This & That - Odds & Ends

    what about just using the lower level?
  16. What’s up with Lunar Silver?

    that's really odd they don't list it as an option the the website nor did my dealer say it was an option could this be a miss print and its actually sonic grey pearl?