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  1. Funny Comments People Have Made About Your Car

    Haha, saaaaame. Most recent was one of the clerks at a local bookstore. I go up to the counter and she's like "Was that you who just pulled up out back in the white Civic? Sweet ride!" She was probably more into cars than I am, we ended up bs-ing about cars, roadtrips, and crappy Ontario...
  2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Good: Appearance. The hatch gets compliments wherever I go. Still getting used to this. :D Fuel efficiency. Good engine. Unlike many small cars, when you put your foot down it actually does something! Handling. It's great not to have to crawl through the corners any more. And the low...
  3. Fuel issue

    Yeah, I don't think I've ever managed to get more than 11 gallons into my Civic at a fill, and then only when I ran it for quite some time after the gas light was on. My usual fill-ups come in at around 10.
  4. Border Question

    latole's answer is exactly right -- the value of any work you have done on your vehicle outside of Canada is subject to duty/tax, as appropriate. There are some exemptions (warranty work, emergency repairs), but none that I know of that apply here...
  5. 2018 Honda Accord Discussion

    North American Car of the Year for 2018 :D
  6. Worlds most interesting Police cars

    I was going to say, the OPP here already use a Cessna 206 to monitor the highways for speeders and other aggressive driving. Even if you can outrun a police cruiser, you can't outrun their radio :p

    This one cracked me up. When you see what drivers have to put up with in Russia, you might never complain about your local roads again. If you're infuriated by drivers who are too busy driving their phones to drive their cars, this video of police in NSW Australia using an unmarked...
  8. Windows frozen

    I don't wash it when it's cold out, but we have enough in the way of melt/thaw cycles that it's not hard to imagine water working its way down in there and re-freezing. Especially since my car sits outside. The sun is surprisingly warm sometimes, even on cold days. Yeah, I just wait for a...
  9. Door Issue in cold harsh weather

    I've had the same issue happen to me once. More commonly the door not wanting to fully close when it's ridic cold outside. Figured it was the latch lubricant as well, was going to ask the dealer about it next service. If you can't get the door to fully close when it's cold out, a quick...
  10. Windows frozen

    This is exactly it, I find there's a little U-shaped rubber seal at the bottom of the windows where water tends to collect and freeze. Once the ice expands it puts just enough pressure on the window that it doesn't want to open. After scraping any ice buildup off the glass itself (especially...
  11. No Windshield Washer Fluid Low Level Warning

    IMHO take the coldest expected weather for your area, then drop the temperature by another 20F/10C and look for washer fluid with that rating or lower. Use that stuff year round. When winter hits, you don't want to be surprised to find (now frozen) summer fluid in the system. I swear someone...
  12. No Windshield Washer Fluid Low Level Warning

    In this case, the warning was actually quite helpful. I knew I was using a fair deal of it, but I didn't figure I'd managed to get through anywhere close to a gallon. When I stopped in Sudbury, I bought two. :D
  13. Traffic sign beam nearly cuts vehicle in half

    It's been a brutal couple weeks all over the province. Yesterday Hwy 11 was closed in more places than I could keep track of. Even this, too, unfortunately -- hopefully nobody was injured:
  14. How a Civic start at -13F / -25 C ?

    Just got back from a New Years road trip. Started the trip at 5am. My Civic is parked outside overnight (no block heater, no garage). Even at -31C, when I turned the key it started up with no hesitation -- it turned over maybe twice. So far I've been reasonably happy with the CivicX in the...
  15. No Windshield Washer Fluid Low Level Warning

    Possibly it might have something to do with your location. :D I just got back yesterday from a 600mi road trip. With the gross, slushy, salty, dirty highways we've got up here as of late, I managed to go through a gallon of washer fluid in less than 300 miles. :eek:
  16. Canada - 2017 Civic EX Warranty

    In fact it is.
  17. Canada - 2017 Civic EX Warranty

    In addition to what's been said already, if you do want to bring your car to the dealer for oil changes, they'll match any lower price you find for a 0w20 full synthetic oil change.
  18. Hidden Features/Quirks you did not know about the Honda 2017 Civic

    Yuuup. We used to have blue lights for this, because when you're driving a car, having all the water features disappear is better than wiping out all the roads.
  19. Removing bird droppings with Quik Detailer and paper towels

    Why not use cotton for a cheap disposable clean-up rag? I'm sure many of us have a bunch of ratty t-shirts or some such kicking around. Grab one and rip it into 8x8" squares. Use it to clean up the bird gunk, then throw it away. Take the money you saved by not buying extra microfiber cloths...
  20. 2017 Honda Civic road trip - Am I nuts?

    Road trip all the way. It's great on gas, handles well and rides nicely. I think the Civic is a great roadtrip machine for one or two people; that's the reason I bought it. :D Yes, you have to do the driving yourselves, but you have the chance to see and experience so much more along the way...