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  1. Squeaking brakes on MY2020 CTR

    I've been temp banned before on here for speaking my mind. I am trying so hard to be nice ?
  2. Squeaking brakes on MY2020 CTR

    Stop. Now. You are giving unsafe advice. Stop.
  3. Squeaking brakes on MY2020 CTR

    Still dumb as shit. No less dumb than spraying a rotor. Congratulations, you have received the asshat award today. Anyone you would like to thank for making this possible?
  4. Squeaking brakes on MY2020 CTR

    Are you serious? Christ... people like you need to refrain from giving "advice" on cars. You fill up your blinker fluid lately?
  5. Squeaking brakes on MY2020 CTR

    To the OP...DO NOT DO THIS. My god, spraying a lubricant on any part of a brake system is the DUMBEST thing I have read on this forum. OP, check for rocks. These pads squeak/squeal like crazy...
  6. Spilled Coffee

    Sounds like the wife made boo boo with her coffee ?
  7. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    @fatherpain is running the Acuity hoses. I asked Cory if it was recommended to run them, and he was unfamiliar with the concept and said he'd get back to me. @Lust are you running reverse flow hoses?
  8. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Essentially the track radiator is more dense with fins... meaning it needs more airflow to stay "cool". Stop and go traffic could heatsoak the track radiator.
  9. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    From Cory at C&R: "Thanks for reaching out regarding the radiator and intercooler for the Civic Type R. Do you drive the car on the street or is this mostly a track car? I ask because we have both street and track versions of the radiator on offer. The street version uses a 8.1mm fin height and...
  10. My severe anxiety is making me dislike driving my car

    One other word of advice... DELETE ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. I did this months ago and this helped me in soooo many ways. Never realized how much SM added unneeded small bouts of anxiety for me as well. Literally this is the only website I post on or give a shit about now hahaha.
  11. My severe anxiety is making me dislike driving my car

    Sorry to hear of your struggles with anxiety. I know them all too well. I was in a very similar situation as you just over a year ago... all too similar. My General Physician did not want me on meds. Told me to find a Therapist, exercise more, and give it some time. That is what I did, and...
  12. Jeff's build - for occasional light track use

    Great advice Jeff on front end protection. My last track day August 2019, a damn s2000 passed me on the straight and threw the smallest rock at my windshield. Going 130+, it shattered my windshield ?
  13. C&R/PWR Oil Cooler Kit Development

    I'm in for an upgrade to the HKS kit as well.
  14. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Arrived today. Time to get them installed and get some Texas swamp ass at the track and put the parts through hell.
  15. C&R/PWR Oil Cooler Kit Development

    Sorry for the dumb ass question, but is it literally just plug in the AIM Solo 2 and oil pressure is visible?
  16. C&R/PWR Oil Cooler Kit Development

    Excited to see this and also a little pissed. Cory let me know about this kit WHILE my HKS kit was being dropped off by UPS lol. I'll definitely try out the upgraded core if it shows improvements. I'm sure with my only power adder being the C&R fmic, I don't anticipate having the same oil temp...
  17. Safelite experience?

    Safelite sucks hard around me and in another state I used to live in. I tend to avoid large chains. Found a local mom and pop shop by me using better quality glass, with clearly more care taken in their installations. I would advise calling around and asking for an estimate along with products...
  18. FK8 radiator fan

    Figured you had more to the story haha. I mean no offense, you aren't quick enough lol
  19. FK8 radiator fan

    I ordered my C&R track radiator and FMIC from Cory just a bit ago. He sent me some information on the track and street radiator, along with their oil cooler that will be coming to market soon. Their are too many factors that play in to overheating in our cars. Driver skill, mods, and ambient...