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  1. 2018 Civic Hatchback EX Head Unit Stereo Wiring

    I do what I can - you're welcome
  2. Transmission fluid change on a 2018 honda civic

    Haha no. There was a huge lawsuit many years ago (see the Magnusson-Moss Act) that resulted in manufacturers being unable to require vehicles to be serviced at dealerships in order to maintain warranty. However, you have to be able to perform service correctly (and keep receipts/records of work...
  3. 30,000 Mile Maintenance

    Transmission fluid will show up around 50,000 miles. For severe conditions, the manual says to change at 35,000 miles. You are free to change the fluid whenever you want.
  4. Transmission fluid change on a 2018 honda civic

    The manual only states to drain and fill
  5. Gaz price

    I THINK it’s due to the gobs of additional taxes y’all have. Seems to be a common theme among states with certain types of government - heavy taxes. Just an observation.
  6. Civic Condenser can last only three years?

    My 2016 EX still has all original parts. Plenty of road debris over 140,000 miles. I have been lucky. Not sure why.
  7. Gaz price

    It's started cooling off in most of the country. Still $1 more than a year ago. USA and Local National Gas Station Price Heat Map -
  8. Nice day trip led to some delicious MPG

    Yep. Averaging 43 mpg. Since I took the picture below, I've had two more tanks at 44 and 43 mpg each (400+ miles). I have backroad drives to/from work (55 mph whole way, 28 miles roundtrip 5x/week) and to/from the gym/grocery (35 miles roundtrip 3x/week, mostly 55 mph then ~10% 45 mph). The...
  9. Gaz price

    Prices dropping here. Down 30 cents from last week. 87 is $3.66 93 is $3.96
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    LOL yeah don't lengthen the lever arm, you can calculate the increase in torque if they want to use a crows foot incorrectly, but would not recommend.
  11. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Yep I've found that crows foot wrenches are awesome at getting a torque wrench into tight spaces. Just be sure to use them correctly!
  12. CV Drive shaft axle

    No. It wouldn't void all your warranty, only what you've modified. Also, they have to prove that your modifications caused the issue. Don't go cheap on replacement parts.
  13. CV Drive shaft axle

    Why is your car no longer under warranty? This should be covered under warranty
  14. Gaz price

    3.89 for 87 in Dallas. Went down about 10¢ the past couple days. 4.29 for 93.
  15. Gaz price

    USA and Local National Gas Station Price Heat Map -
  16. Oil leak from black inspection cover

    I had already typed this up for something else, so pasting it here. I felt it appropriate to put here based on your comment: There's a big misconception that a lot of people have about a dealership being the same as manufacturer. Honda service techs did not build the vehicle, Honda built it...
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Haven’t paid that much in four years
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    46 mpg. When you treat it right it treats you right. To think I could have 550 miles on a tank… crazy. Just lifting and coasting to stops, driving the speed limit, using ECON mode, and keeping it at 1500-2000 RPM. 87 octane with ethanol.
  19. What gas do you run?

    I run 87 and I'm getting 40+ mpg regularly (attributed strictly to driving style and lack of stop-and-go traffic). I have the 2.0L so not apples to apples but I see zero benefit, no mpg change when I put 89/91/93 octane in the car. I do get better mileage with ethanol-free, which is expected...
  20. Gaz price

    21 days later: $3.65/gal pf 93 $3.38/gal of 87