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  1. Type R Vs Si

    The Civic SI coupe is a boy racer car. Which is why after 2 years of owning a coupe SI I never received a single compliment on it. 2 weeks with the R and I’ve already had a handful.
  2. Type R Vs Si

    lol okay grandma
  3. Type R Vs Si

    Owned both now. Si pros: 14,500 cheaper, 36mpg average, heated seats, sunroof, don't have to worry about potholes, less time between fill ups, blindspot camera. Si cons: No hatch, significantly slower especially in cornering speed, have to floor it to gain speed, turbo lag seems slower, rev...
  4. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    What is that a 2800 markup ? Not bad in today's market. I'd consider that a win
  5. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    Call the dealers on the in transit list. That's your best bet. I'd contact Yreka Honda in Northern California. Some other member said he paid 2700 ATM on his from there just recently. Which is very good. Shipping right now outta state isn't cheap. I...
  6. California Brand new never used Whiteline sway / accord end links

    Located in Davis CA. Sold my SI and now am selling the parts that were going to go on that car. All are brand new and never have been used. 22mm Whiteline rear sway $80 OEM accord end links both sides $20 Acuity shifter cable bushings $50 150$ total. Retail is about $230 Prefer local pickup...
  7. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    There is still hope don't give up, I just purchased my 2021 SGP type R for msrp $39,305 excluding taxes and licensing fees. Thanks to another member who gave me his allocation since he no longer decided to purchase. I'll take $100 if you want the dealership name. Just kidding, it's Zimmerman...
  8. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    If you decide to purchase the more family oriented vehicle please let me know, been looking for a SGP at or near MSRP for awhile.
  9. â–ş Official Civic SI Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Thread

    Cleanest 10th gen I've ever seen. What brand for the grill and lugs. I've been lucking for some teal lugs that don't strip lol
  10. Would you go FBO SI or down payment on type R ?

    From people who have driven or owned both which is the smarter move ? A used type R yields a monthly payment of only 100$ more than what I'm currently paying for the SI. Would you rather go FBO with an SI or use that money for a down payment on a used type R. They can be found for the low 30's...
  11. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Any ballpark ranges on a price when the turbos go live ? Also any chance for a combo deal with the purchase of a dp/fp as well ?
  12. Si's Helical LSD - Locking and Unlocking in fast turns

    I appreciate these long write ups about track prepped SI's, it has such a good potential to be a decent track/daily driver for quite a bit less than a type R. Next route to a more track focused setup seems to be back to coilovers and possibly a weight reduction ? I wonder how much weight could...
  13. Considering trading my '17 Si for a '19 Si...

    Not a horrible idea as long as your not going negative on your loan. If you could score a deal on a new SI that is, I wouldn’t pay sticker. All depends on your financial situation at the end of the day.
  14. I am filled with regret !!

    The muffler delete in my opinion actually sounds really good. I paid $100 to have a shop cut the mufflers off, I couldn’t justify paying $1000+ for a whole exhaust system. Plus weight reduction bro lol
  15. Which down pipe did you go with?

    I wonder what is more effective the heat wrap or the ceramic coating. The wrap is definitely cheaper, I know it’s meant to keep down engine bay temperatures but is that the only reason you are suppose to wrap the pipes? Why wouldn’t they come from factory wrapped