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  1. What would your next vehicle be if you were to move on?

    Really enjoying my Civic but will soon pass it along to my son. Next vehicle will definitely not have a tailpipe. More and more choices coming. Unfortunately Honda is not in the game. Surprised how far behind they are. What electrified vehicles they are offering now are pretty lame.
  2. Customized plates

    $320 dam! I paid $90 for mine but that was about 25 years ago :)
  3. IOS 11 And The Civic

    Hadn't noticed, mostly receive calls, don't make too many. Will certainly give it a try today. Haven't really explored much since installing iOS 11. Maps apparently got a significant upgrade. Renting a car for a Cape Breton drive in a couple of weeks and will using the phone for navigation.
  4. CAR HORN EMOJI's, next big thing from Honda...optional on CivicX's?

    Believe this was last years April 1st Honda video.
  5. Finally a proper Civic X horn fix

    Ooops, I did look around honest. Missed you post.
  6. Finally a proper Civic X horn fix

    Nice to see Honda has addressed a common complaint Happy April
  7. Honda Plus Extended Warranty - when to purchase?

    Several times we have purchased the Honda extented warranty. In each case we did it about 2 months prior to our lease end. We only did it as we loved the vehicles and bought them out at the end of the lease.
  8. Would you get the same colour again?

    Yes. Love the colour for my sedan (WOP). Now if I went with the hatch or coupe I would probaby chosen red. They weren't out yet. Wifes HRV is Milano Red which is fabulous on this vehicle.
  9. Toronto Meet: TBA @ 65 Kirkham Drive. Markham Costco 8PM

    Always looking for a reason to give Pearl a bath and go for a ride.
  10. Civic Prototypes from Canada

    I ordered my Civic very very early. Had a VIN# to track but it kept being delayed. Finally Honda advised it had been destroyed at the factory and reassigned me with another identical vehicle. Got the car late Dec. '15 about 4 weeks late.
  11. 2017 hatch sport fuel grade..

    In Canada filling up with premium gas would add about $7 or well over $300 per year. Don't believe the average Civic turbo driver would notice the very few additional ponies. In my humble opinion I believe Honda blew it. Our SI owners expect premium performance and wouldn't flinch at the...
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Happy with the night time quality of my dash cam. I have a few videos in my garage. Colin's 'Pearl' with dash cam videos
  13. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Dealer stores them. We call a few days in advance to arrange for a switch. Dealer offers a $25 gas gift card if you change over in October/April to help them manage the seasonal rush.
  14. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Had my winters installed. Received the car last December with the winters and steelies installed. Really didn't like spending my first 4 months with my black steelies. I found a full set of 2016 Civic wheel covers for $75 on Kijiji. Not as nice as the aluminum wheels but much dressier than...
  15. Insurance in Greater Toronto Area

    Guess I've been a good boy for a few years. I'm paying $893 ($74.42 month) for my Civic Touring Sedan. Our HRV EXL/w.nav is at $1,004. Both with Intact, $500 deductible etc. etc. Been with the same agent now for 48 years. We pay for both vehicles and our home insurance all at once at the...
  16. 2016 Honda Civic White Mods

    We had a nice thread going on about exhaust tips. I got mine at Canadian Tire for under $40. Had them installed in minutes with a screwdriver. Mine are referenced on page 4 post 59. Be aware there are a couple of sizes.
  17. 2016 Honda Civic White Mods

    No racism. Just an acceptance that white is probably the Civics most outstanding colour choice.
  18. Is there something you would change about your Civic?

    The front LED turn signal is fabulous. Would like to see the rear turn signal and brake lights as visable.
  19. What do you like best or enjoy most about your Civic?

    Bang for the buck. Very few vehicles can match all the stuff (and performance) for the price.
  20. 2016 Honda Civic White Mods

    Only thing I've done is add some exhaust tips, WeatherTech license frames and the CivicX decals. Pictures in my 'garage'.