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  1. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    Oh yeah! I totally forget about that service. That's also a great option!
  2. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    I respectfully disagree with your statement regarding that its a terrible analogy. You can still make an impulse purchase on a privately owned vehicle just like you can a new car. But I do agree that customers can tell when you are BS'ing them. I also agree that instead of lying about an...
  3. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    As a sales representative at a dealership I completely understand why some dealerships wouldn't want every single person test driving them that wanted to. While I do agree that the test drive is a very important part of the process, if we let every single person test drive one when they wanted...
  4. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Even though Ktuner hasn't released any updates for a stage 2 tune yet, can we at least get an idea of where its at in the R & D process? Any specific power goals? Hurdles or issues that you guys are running into as far as stock tuning potential? At least give me something so I can sleep at...
  5. From RS To Type R

    This is not true. We do not charge over MSRP on any vehicle.
  6. From RS To Type R

    Hey man! This is the sales representative from Honda of Columbia with the White Type R! I spoke with you briefly and told you how much you'd like it! Glad you're enjoying the ride! And we really appreciate your business, I'll go ahead and let Ethan (your sales rep) know that you're enjoying it!
  7. 2019 Civic Type R Brochure Revealed

    I was the person who shared those pics on the FB group. These are the accessory brochures for the 2019 Models Accessories. I just noticed primarily the headlight differences and the continued lack of Honda Sensing.
  8. Interior Lights from Honda

    Precisely! Hopefully we'd get this for civic's and it would be easy to add to the Type R's. I'd imagine if its not for the Type R it would at least show up for the refreshed Civic Si in a red light vs the white and blue. I check the iN portal every morning for updates lol, I'll keep you posted...
  9. Interior Lights from Honda

    I've actually been looking into this for a while every since I saw the accessories show up for the new Honda Insights on the iN portal. I'd imagine that there will be more accessories for the mid-refresh Civic since Honda seems to be trying to push accessories a lot harder since they've been...
  10. RV6 Performance FK8 Civic Type-R Downpipe Options

    I second this request for any updates :)
  11. RV6 Performance FK8 Civic Type-R Downpipe Options

    Yeah I just didn't know if there were any estimation on power figures and if there was a tune for your specific down pipe, not just a generic one. No biggie if not, I was just curious! You guess have made a great down pipe for our cars, can't wait to see the front pipe and exhaust as well! You...
  12. RV6 Performance FK8 Civic Type-R Downpipe Options

    To sort of piggy back off of this, I'm curious if there will be a specific tune uploaded to the Ktuner Maps for stock cars utilizing this specific Down-Pipe? I know that RV6 did that for the J series motors if I'm not mistaken, so I'm interested in seeing if there are plans to do that for the...
  13. 2019 Civic Type R

    Just ran into our regional Honda rep and she did confirm for me that Honda doesn't intend on stopping production and the Sonic Grey Pearl will in fact be an option. When I have a regional Honda rep telling me that I feel much better believing it. No offense to these forums, but I have seen some...
  14. 2019 Civic Type R

    I imagine they will do a model for 2019 and then a final edition as someone on here stated before. However it's not logical to think Honda will continue to pump these out at the same rate as they did initially for another 2 to 3 years. It's a niche market, and after a while Honda will have...
  15. 2019 Civic Type R

    Pics for reference of what I'm talking about. You can see which vehicles the years pertain to to by looking above the highlighted green area in the background.
  16. 2019 Civic Type R

    Since it's a global platform the VINs that specify different trim levels are more than likely for trim levels outside of the U.S. that's my best guess. I'm higher up in sales at my dealership and have access to the iN and a vehicles status/locator. The truth is that the 2019 Civic Type R's...
  17. Thinking of leasing a Type-R

    It actually was around $500ish but I was getting out of my accord lease pretty early and the $1500 was pretty much me paying off the difference in negative equity from my early lease turn in
  18. Thinking of leasing a Type-R

    Yeah I think it ended up being something around a 5.4% interest rate when I calculated it out. Which I'm still fine with since the term is short. Plus it was when they first came out, so I wasn't expecting there to be any kind of incentivized money factors lol
  19. Thinking of leasing a Type-R

    You can definitely lease a Type R in the US. I currently am. I work as a sales representative at our Honda dealership in Columbia, SC and it makes sense for me to lease (as the car I drive also acts like a advertisement for me to met potential customers). Plus overall I do like the flexibility...