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  1. I've upgraded to 5/30 oil...

    Dude, this is last time I'll say anything to you. NO OIL these days will cause your engine to fail. You might get better or worse MPG, the oil might wear quicker or longer, but they are all decent. So why don't you just shut the frak up, and move on. Your not a Honda engineer, your not an oil...
  2. I've upgraded to 5/30 oil...

    Y'all might as well give it up. That is probably some 12 year old kid that doesn't have pubic hair yet, just yanking your chain.
  3. Fuel overfill - Honda is aware and working on it?

    Sounds to me like California gas stations are the problem, not Honda. I've used several different gas stations, and never had a single problem.
  4. Coupe Rims

    Only if you went wider, and then it would still be a very small difference. Might not even be noticeable.
  5. Hatchback rear visibility

    Disagreement is one thing, but saying shit like, "apparently you've never driven or owned many cars blah blah blah", is quite another. I asked for thoughts, not douchebag comments.
  6. Hatchback rear visibility

    If you people think it's okay looking out the back glass, more power to ya. It has horrible visibility, and that completely ruined it for me getting it for my wife. And yes, I've owned and driven alot of cars, and yes, the hatchback is shitty out the back glass. Apparently y'all have only 1 or 2...
  7. Custom Steering Wheel

    OK, well that I understand then. I was thinking he meant the whole unit. My bad.
  8. Hatchback rear visibility

    Out of curiosity today, I went and test drove a Hatchback. I was thinking about one for my wife, but after test driving it, I said no. I have never seen any car with worst rear window visibility. That spoiler and middle brake light and wiper thing is right in the way. That may not matter to some...
  9. Si - Worth Waiting For?

    Let me amend what I previously said. After seeing the pics of the Sedan SI in black, I'm really starting to dig it. I'm not really an SI guy, but damn if that thing don't look killer.
  10. this REALLY bothers me :/

    I agree, Honda's worst looking wheels. Looks like something Nissan would make. :puke:
  11. Only had it 3 months...

    100% this. I have never seen a car that was as good after a wreck. It's just not possible, there will always be some small little something. Might be minor, but it'll be there.
  12. How do you listen to music?

    Okay, that's fine.
  13. How do you listen to music?

    Okay, that's fine.
  14. How do you listen to music?

    That's funny. You do realize those magnets could damage your phone over time right?
  15. 3 annoying things Honda cant or wont fix ....

    I agree with you about being glad I got the LX...not all the issues. You'll probably get the brake light cover hanging sometime this summer. Heat causes it, in the winter it'll stay put. A little super glue, and you'll be fine when it does. Of course, I'm sure somebody will instantly say to...
  16. 2016 Civic LX Kenwood Audio Receiver Install

    Honestly, you can get awesome bass sound with just adding an amp & sub, and nothing else.
  17. Custom Steering Wheel

    The LX and EX-T do not have the same part number for the steering wheel. They are different. Look at the controls and you can see.
  18. Custom Steering Wheel

    But if your friend had to change the stitching anyway, wouldn't it have been easier to buy the leather cover and just let him put it on, instead of changing the whole steering wheel out?
  19. Custom Steering Wheel

    I thought the EX-L and the EX-T had the same steering wheel. What's the difference?