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  1. Hatchback rear visibility

    Out of curiosity today, I went and test drove a Hatchback. I was thinking about one for my wife, but after test driving it, I said no. I have never seen any car with worst rear window visibility. That spoiler and middle brake light and wiper thing is right in the way. That may not matter to some...
  2. Heater sucks

    Am I the only one that feels the heater in these cars is horrible? This is the worst heater I've ever had. I absolutely love my car, but the heater is the only complaint I really have. It seems to take FOREVER for the heater to warm up. I can't be the only one. I've had old beaters that warmed...
  3. Antenna booster (help)

    Hey guys, is there a decent antenna booster that I can get that doesn't require alot of Jerry rigging, preferebly plug and play? There is a kinda local radio station that I love, that we must be on the very outer edge of, because sometimes I can get it just fine, and other times it's got static.
  4. 2.0 muffler recommendations

    I've searched several threads, and I'm not really finding my answer, so here goes. I've got the LX Coupe, and I'm looking for a different muffler. I'm not gonna a do a full exhaust, and I don't want loud, I just want something a small amount louder than stock. I don't wanna be annoyed, or annoy...
  5. Civic Coupe LX wheels & tires

    I have the stock wheels and tires from my coupe for sale. $400 takes them. No shipping. NE Arkansas, SE Missouri, SW Tennessee area.