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  1. OEM turbo for sale

    You may also want to post it in the Member Classified section, here
  2. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Same here. Finally washed/waxed this weekend after way too long...only to find a bunch of leaves/acorns/detritus on the car after the subsequent storm tore through the area. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
  3. Type R Vs Si

    Yeah - for me, this is what it boiled down to. I could afford a CTR, and I'm certain I'd love it - but in terms of sheer value, the Si simply can't be beaten. I paid under $24k, and the extra >$10k the CTR would've cost just didn't make sense to me at the time. They're both terrific cars, and I...
  4. Lost my civic type r to hurricane Ida, R.I.P my first

    Yeah, I'm sure someone will restore the car to operable condition and sell it. That said - as much as I'd like a CTR - I wouldn't want to deal with the headaches that this particular car will inevitably present. That much water simply leads to too much damage. The salvaged title means it will...
  5. NO Frills for Me !

    This comment was a superlative necro, composed of subject matter entirely unrelated to the actual topic at hand. Well done. But to answer your question - in the US, there have always been only two engine options: the 2.0 NA and the 1.5T. But in other parts of the world, they also used different...
  6. California Acuity bushings and spring

    Just to be clear, can you please clarify "used"? What are we talking about here - used for a couple of weeks, or used for many years and thousands of miles?
  7. Official BEER drinking thread

    This is what I'm trying tonight: Previously I'd tried the orange and blueberry/lemon varieties - both are good, but imo, this one tops the others. It's not particularly grapefruity, but there's just enough of a hint to make it noticeable. Good summer brew. Cape May Brewing makes some good shit...
  8. Money shifted hard into 2nd gear at 70 mph :')

    OK, but don't try to sell that thing in the Member Classified section. Nobody here is in the market for your sweaty balls
  9. Spotify through Bluetooth instead of Apple CarPlay?

    Assuming this thread was recently bumped by a spammer: sometimes the mods work fast here, and it looks any recent spam has already been eradicated (though the older examples are still up). That said: of course there will be spammers here, because it's a post that mentions Spotify. I have...
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Added a trunk pull: It ain't much, but it's legitimately useful and I like the pop of color. Thanks @DallasCRX However, because I am an idiot: immediately after installing the pull, I closed the trunk lid with my hand anyway. Strictly out of habit, I guess. Hopefully I'll actually remember...
  11. Been looking to upgrade my shifter

    The Acuity items themselves are exactly the same (not the CTR shifter itself, obviously). So, no difference there. You might be able to build your own bundle for less by ordering the shifter from an online Honda dealer, and then the Acuity stuff separately either direct or elsewhere (like...
  12. 27Won TURBO W2 NEWW ***

    You might want to consider posting this over in the classified forum
  13. 2020 front and rear vents

    There are lots of other threads on this very topic. Take a look here or here
  14. Need some model advice

    This is correct. Sensing didn't debut on the Si until 2020.
  15. Possible rod knock?[FK2]

    I'd suggest posting this question on the main/general CTR forum. And maybe mention that the engines are the same - which, honestly, I wasn't aware of (although I am not particularly well-versed in CTR history). FYI, this "General Automotive" forum is one of the lesser-traveled subforums. A...
  16. What do you do for physical fitness or wellness?

    Since this old post was bumped in the name of spam anyway, I figured I'd go ahead and fix this for you:
  17. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    Yeah, I got this in the mail today too. Kinda sad that Honda didn't sufficiently address the issue for an entire generation of Civic. Seems like it will end up costing them more this way than - you know - actually fixing the malfunctioning condenser design a few years ago. Guess I'll just hang...
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    At first I thought I was looking at a brand new style of front lip. Kinda like a Home Depot theme
  19. Selling Skunk2 lowering springs

    FYI, you may want to consider posting this in the Member Classified forum; that's usually where folks go to buy/sell individual items. You'll get more eyes and attention on your ad over there. This forum is more about buying actual vehicles.
  20. New Jersey Testing the waters!

    You're correct, of course. The vast majority of buyers are looking for stock/unmodified vehicles. Even folks planning these exact mods may prefer to get the work done by their preferred mechanic (or they might want to do it themselves). However, this is also true: Yes, the list of potential...