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  1. usb settings for track number

    Could be the ID3 tags are messed up. If you're using Windows, you can edit the tags manually by right click on the file and choose properties, then details. Much easier to use freely available apps.
  2. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    Found a source for a possible custom harness. That harness allows replacement of the 5" audio unit with a non-premium 7" one. You only need the main 24-pin harness. The 5" and 7"...

    The display panel connection should be accurate for 2018 or earlier Audio Units.
  4. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    No source, but somehow found this diy video. In summary, just get a Metra Electronics 71-1731 and a 70-1731 and wire the two 24-pin connectors together.
  5. 2018 SI - Upgrade Components or Just Tweeters?

    If you ask me, it's hard to get good/natural sound by mixing mids and tweeters from different brands because of difference in timbre. But if someone found a good combo, then go with that!
  6. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    Ah, that's just Dolby Surround (see Post #13 from your link, also showed below), which is the predecessor of Dolby Prologic that I mentioned previously. Here's a link on how to decode Dolby Surround just by moving the speaker wirings around ( but this will not sound as good as using a hardware...
  7. Hard to get into first gear

    What ^^ @mhufcfan8 said. My reverse sometimes is difficult and I just go into 4th first, then to reverse.
  8. Inquiring

    For your 2020 Si? It will fit. I have it installed in my 2020 Si. The description is wrong. There's no tweeter in any 10th gen dash. The only dash speaker you'll find in any 10th gen Civic is a 3.5" center on the Premium Systems like those in the Si and touring. And that 3.5" is using the...
  9. Just hit 60K miles in my CTR. My impressions.

    I have absolutely no issues with the Infotainment after 27K miles. I mostly listen to XM, a little FM, phone calls, and AA Google Maps every day.
  10. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    Sorry, I was confused with what you're doing and what people do to tap a Sub channel. For Sub, you only want to tap the fronts. For what you want to do, you're correct that you want to tap all four channels. However, since your HU outputs full range signals for each channel, I'm not familiar...
  11. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    Couldn't verify the diagram you linked 'cause the link's broke. But I think it was correct for the speaker wires. Turns out there're three different diagrams for Connector A. I think it's because one's for Hatch, one for Sedan/Coupe with XM (shark fin antenna), and one for Sedan/Couple...
  12. Wireless Android Auto adapter available

    Reminds me back in the day when my Garmin standalone GPS would always reboot whenever I cross a certain point along westbound NY State Thruway past Syracuse. Perhaps it's just the mapping software crashing. lol...
  13. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    Well since no one with knowledge of your system is here any more, I'll give it a shot. Keep in mind I'm not as familiar with your system as my Premium System. Diagram. You need a 'without amplifier' diagram since you do not have an external amp. I cannot confirm if the one you linked is the...
  14. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    I just looked at Honda owner website and you're correct, the ex-t doesn't have the premium system. Seems like for sedan/coupe, only the Si and touring has the premium.^FC1E3JJW
  15. Wiring HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 from headunit in 2018 EX-T

    If you have an ex-t then you do have the external Amp. But both diagrams you linked to are not the correct ones. I think before you start, you should do some r&d about the system first. Below is a good starting point. Not 100% correct, but all the basics are there...
  16. Permanently disabling honda sensing features

    You could try the sensing calibration menu in the factory menu. Not sure if it will give you what you need. There is a service manual in one of the stickies in the type r forum that describes the cals in detail. Be warned the cals will screwed up if you don't know what you are doing and may...
  17. Wireless Android Auto adapter available

    The symptom is I got the "Android Auto is Not Available" or something like such msg pop up for a second or two. Not sure if it was due to dropped wifi connection, lost data, or what. I use Google Maps almost every commute since February. One hour to and another hour from. It happened a...
  18. Wireless Android Auto adapter available

    I second that. First paring took some time, but after that connects within a few seconds after car startup. Also experienced random drop outs, but rarely, but re-connects quickly (a second or two?) so no big deal. Consumes about 15% battery every hour on my Samsung S10. Also works with any...
  19. How do I access the Civic's file system?

    I haven't try it yet, but I think the following should point you to the the right path
  20. Replacing front/rear woofers on EX with a two-way speaker: would the tweeters on the two-way work?

    Oops @Ksthomas is correct. @SSMEX, you don't need to mod the Polk speakers at all. Just do what Ksthomas did. I was confused your EX with an EX-T. What I said apply to the EX-T. Not the EX. Sorry! Don't do what I said. If you connect the factory tweeter output to the raw Polk tweeter...