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  1. Any good shop recommendations in SoCal?

    Fair enough, I’ve never dealt with them directly. A few people I know have had their motors built by them, but no bad reviews so far. That’s not to say others experience is different.
  2. Any good shop recommendations in SoCal?

    Heard good things from JSR when it comes to engine rebuild or diagnostics.
  3. Varis arising-II front bumper

    It does I have seen someone with the 2020+ at the Honda Meet in May. From what he stated there is no issues with the sensor just have to be mindful that the only thing protecting said sensor is just the mesh grill. As for the Spoon bumper the revised version is only available overseas I...
  4. I kind of feel bad...but not really 😆

    Yeah the CivicXi community over there is definitely something special. Not to mention those that believe they’ll be getting the car at MSRP at launch, cause you know, reasons…
  5. FK8 Type R "JDM" Aftermarket Resources Thread

    So wait you create a list in the OP, mention you have a curator/seller that can get parts, but don’t list them? Kinda defeats the purpose of initial post no?
  6. FK8 Type R "JDM" Aftermarket Resources Thread

    Can vouch for BlackHawk. Their communication is very good and shipping was fairly fast. If a item is not available or a delay is anticipated after you place a order they reach out and let you know, and give you the option to cancel the order if you do not want to wait with a full refund.
  7. Virginia Voltex Type 2V Wing

    I’m actually kind of surprised at how many people buy replica parts for the FK8. I know everyone’s budget is different, but usually the quality and fitment is better going the authentic route. Not directing it at the seller either, just an observation over the years.
  8. 316 HP / 310 lb-ft Power Numbers Leaked For FL5 2023 Civic Type! (via Brochure)

    This is due to the gas that is available here. Other countries have higher grades as standard.
  9. 316 HP / 310 lb-ft Power Numbers Leaked For FL5 2023 Civic Type! (via Brochure)

    I expected as much with it being the same power plant. I think people were just shooting a little too high with expectations of it being around 325+ although potential is probably better for tuning of stock turbo…

    There are far better intakes out there. I believe this one heat soaks(from what I’ve heard from previous owners) and the design isn’t that great. Most owners go with PRL. A few of us run Eventuri/Gruppe M, but obviously that’s a little above some peoples budget.
  11. 2023 Civic Type R Officially Revealed! Will Be Made in Japan!

    Interior is pretty much paying homage to the older CTR. And no the front vents are blocked off.
  12. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    Oh trust me some of the listings i've seen on the FB groups and on IG. Mileage alone on some of them make them too overpriced to me personally, but hey if someone buys it i'm not knocking their financial decision. Especially with interest rates where they are right now it's a easy pass.
  13. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    Yeah Canada is lucky when it comes to this scenario, we aren't as fortunate here in the US. ADM is going to be crazy and dealers are going to be very arrogant about this car specifically. Hell LE's were a precursor of what to expect. Everyone's financial situation is different, but with the way...
  14. Leaked: 2023 Civic Type R early look on Honda Japan website! 📸

    Same thing happened with the NSX. Granted it’s two different price points, but the community is nearly identical.
  15. Leaked: 2023 Civic Type R early look on Honda Japan website! 📸

    Have to agree here. The lengths they go to shit on the FK8 is ridiculous. Granted the FL5 doesn’t appeal to me in anyway, but change is good. Once orders go live the forums there I’m sure will be full of post complaining about mark ups or allotments and somehow FK8 owners will be the problem…
  16. Check Engine Light After Eventuri Install

    The ironic thing is if he knew anything about FK8 parts he would have known the Eventuri parts don’t require a tune in the first place. For future reference OP, just know that your dash will light up with tons of warnings/errors anytime you do anything sensor or battery removal related. As...
  17. C&R/PWR Oil Cooler Kit Development

    So glad to see they didn’t drop development and stuck with it for us MY20+ can’t wait till this releases.
  18. Preparing tuned car for a California Relocation

    Yeah most are on IG or FB tho, both OC and LA have groups.
  19. Preparing tuned car for a California Relocation

    Without knowing your complete mods. Assuming you have a catted DP and the heat shield is still on you can probably get away with that. An exhaust won’t make you fail btw. You could play it safe and just put the stock DP for the smog, then swap after your done.
  20. Preparing tuned car for a California Relocation

    Every smog place is different. Some are more thorough than others. Some will just plug in the port and others will plug in and pop the hood etc. If you don’t want to bother with it at all, you could pay someone to bypass that all together. They aren’t as easy to come by anymore for the ones who...