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  1. SOLD: PERRIN Intercooler

    Sold, thank you!
  2. C&R Radiator Installed

    I was watching this series of videos and noticed something at 3:08 :)
  3. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Is this the correct part number for the rubber strip? There is no picture associated with it 71110-TGH-A50 Is it part #23 in the attached diagram?
  4. C&R Radiator Installed

    Do you happen to have the core size dimensions for the C&R Intercooler? I tried to look around online. I saw their ebay listing and it shows the following: Core Length: 16.18 Type: Turbo Intercooler Core Thickness: 87mm Core Height: 7.05 The core length does not seem accurate though...
  5. Lust's FK8 Civic Type R Track & Street Build

    Which app are you using in your photo to log the temps? Thanks!
  6. Full throttle acceleration question. Fuel cut?

    Is the beeping a 2020 only feature?
  7. Swapped out the climate Controls

    Same exact thing happened to me. I am in the process of trying to return it through ebay. What is the actual part number for the 2017 LX control unit though? I searched for 79600TBAA112 and nothing comes up. I am planning to buy a brand new one so I don't have to keep trying out different ebay...
  8. Burnt grease inside of the clutch slave cylinder causing a squeaky clutch pedal

    Agree. You're correct. I was familiar with this from my AP2. I'm sure it'd help the grease from drying out as fast. Picture attached is not mine.
  9. New Honda owner here Type R

    Thanks for your input re the Supra. I was cross shopping that too but it did not come with a manual and I really wanted to get back into rowing my own gears after a long hiatus. The M2 comp was also a consideration, but at that level, I'd start to look at used Porsches instead. Too many fun cars...