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  1. Strut bar and sway bar

    Agree. A competent spring, strut, bushings combo will make a tower strut pretty much completely unnecessary. Cars with rigid chassis don't have much use for it. I have one on my hatch and the improvement is minimal still a bit wobbly in the front. On the other hand, my older car with HFP...
  2. Aircon fuel economy

    Years ago used to be a roughly 5% increase and I seem to remember noticing it. With this generation tough, is not as noticeable to me. Maybe the reason for our AC system being so problematic is that Honda pushed a bit too much in making it very efficient?
  3. How is your air conditioning?

    Good to hear. Since the new Civic is out I lost hope for an upgraded part.
  4. How is your air conditioning?

    Looks like you've found yours too!
  5. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    Somehow the rear windows end up opened accidentally when I'm opening/closing the fronts. Very frustrating and it never, ever happened in the other Hondas I've owned. Or any other car for that matter. No physical controls for some HVAC operations. Seat and especially door trim fabric is terrible.
  6. How is your air conditioning?

    From past experiences I hated taking the car in for the AC fix today. I was surprised there was no "your car needs this and that". And unlike when the reflash was done, they even washed the car now. As for the AC, it blew real cold air but ultimately just couldn't keep up today at around noon...
  7. How is your air conditioning?

    As someone who just had this done today I have to say this is disappointing news. I'd have thought they had updated parts by now...
  8. [Canada] A/C Condenser Repaired at Dealer for free

    Sorry to hear, especially on the Type R... Hope it's sorted now. When was it fixed? I'd think they updated the parts by now... I called Honda and apparently my base LX is included in the extended warranty.
  9. [Canada] A/C Condenser Repaired at Dealer for free

    My A/C also stopped working. Planning to try my luck at the dealer. I noticed this on Honda site Unfortunately the info is vague. The...
  10. Germans take apart a 1.5T at 60k miles. And it's spotless?

    Disappointed by the corrosion reports. Honda improved a lot up to the 8th. gen. Civic and now it seems to have taken a step back...
  11. Front Strut Tower Bar Survey

    Agree. A well sorted suspension does make the front strut tower bar completely useless, especially on the street. Mine gave some minor improvement for low speed, sudden side to side changes but the impact is a lot less than even the front sway bar links. My other Honda, with a HFP suspension is...
  12. Oem si springs on non-si

    Happy it's working great for the Sport. I know they are great springs. My stock struts just aren't doing too good with the Si springs, too much wobble. Much better than stock but not tight enough. Based on that I'm reluctant to try any other spring with these struts. I was tempted to try the...
  13. Oem si springs on non-si

    Awesome. These are the springs I was going to buy but couldn't find better shocks to match them with.
  14. 1.5T Non Si vs 1.5T Si

    Same here. In case is true, it'd be interesting to know if it stayed consistent through the years or it varied between models or trims... He also mentioned cylinder heads being different. I'm not that knowledgeable, but don't they dramatically influence FE? Could be that the stronger rods have...
  15. 1.5T Non Si vs 1.5T Si

    310whp is surprisingly low. My 8th gen makes more than that. Driveability is amazing. Absolutely no lag. Kinda hits me every time I switch cars. Also the K sound is very pleasing. Fuel economy isn't as good though...
  16. 1.5T Non Si vs 1.5T Si

    I think I payed about $1200 for install. Check around with shops familiar with modifications.
  17. 1.5T Non Si vs 1.5T Si

    l'd buy one based on a Rotrex charger. I have one on my CSX Type S. Chose it because it not too rough on the tranny. Not as much torque down as the other options but with the 2.4l. engine should be fine. I'm surprised to see it rated at 330Hp only...
  18. 1.5T Non Si vs 1.5T Si

    N Not sure if you still consider it but if you plan modding I'd definitely go for the 9th gen Si. Forget about iffy/risky 250Hp goals. A nice supercharger kit will give you 380 reliable Hp with infinitely better driveability. Shifter is also amazing. K engine is truly a nice sounding gem...
  19. Best Handling Modifications

    Completely agree for the "while you are in there" parts, like you said. I find it great for the small effect bits, like Front end links and strut bar. I would have loved to have some good shocks to try with the Si springs. Not to hijack the thread but if know of any, give me a shout...
  20. Best Handling Modifications

    Good plan! Good luck!