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  1. Custom Si Serial Number Plate

    I've been debating what to do in the area that's blank below the shifter. I've seen people wrap the black piece or order the civic si badge from . Wanted to do something different that I haven't seen. So I started off looking over the diagram for the center console for the type r...
  2. 27won intake

    27won intake on friends Si coupe. Watch "27won intake 2017 Honda civic si" on YouTube
  3. Thermal exhaust for SI ( pics & video )

    A Friend sent me these pictures.
  4. Cars and Coffee in Knoxville, Tn

    October 22nd, at West Towne Mall Parking Lots. Anyone going to this?
  5. Import Alliance

    Important alliance is in Knoxville this Sunday Sept 17. Out in karns. 5:00 to 9:00. Anyone going?
  6. New Honda side skirts???

    Is it me or are these different skirts know on the civic. I know the hfp badge now shows on them. They look different know then before?????? And yes it let me add splash guards ???:hmm:
  7. Meet and Greet

    First thing, wanna say I had a good time meeting up with fellow members. This was the first get together in Knoxville, Tn. I wanna say thanks to those that came out. Everyone was cool and would gladly meet up again :headbang: elusiveaura, cmwalton16, gabe187 Other Si's Steven and Trexler...
  8. My Aegean Blue 17Si

    Hey, just got my windows tinted. Ceramic Expel Tint, I have 35% sides and back, plus 70% whole front windshield. More things to come. Really enjoying the new SI :) Mods as of 9/9/18 Tint Black vinyl wrap window trim Smoke side markers Red H emblems Red H steering wheel emblem PRL stage 1...