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  1. Sound-deadening felt from wheel arches torn off

    For context: I live in Alberta where we get some pretty epic winters, like this winter where its been a consistent -25 to -35 degrees celsius for weeks with a ton of snow. My '18 Civic Sport has felt around the wheel wells, probably for noise insulation. And it just gathers snow and ice until...
  2. Cracked Windshield

    Oh wow, I didn't know it was so strict in BC. Still, try to get a few quotes from other places. Vehicles with built-in cameras and sensors are pretty common now, I'm sure there's many autoglass places that can properly do a recalibration without charging a ridiculous price.
  3. Cracked Windshield

    I've heard that replacing a windshield through insurance might not be covered depending on the company, and that they might even view it as an excuse to raise your rates. Windshield replacement at Honda is right around $900 if you have the sensing package. 450 for the glass and 450 for...
  4. Civic Sport Hatch Steering

    2018 sport sensing hatch. Like everyone else here I haven't had any steering issues like that. Although if you're debating getting the "sensing" package with the sensors and lane-keep assist keep in mind that it will double the cost of windshield replacement because the sensor array needs to be...
  5. Anyone else having amazing luck with their Civic?

    I had a bad strut leak at 3 years 40,000km. Dealership fixed it under warranty though
  6. How hard to keep a white one clean?

    The hatch, license plate indent and rear bumper collect a ton of dirt, brake dust, and general crud. That's always the dirtiest spot on mine and if you don't keep it clean those little orange rust circles from the brake dust start to form. Absolutely get a ceramic coat.
  7. 18x9.5+45 with 265/35 tires on a sport hatch?

    what wheel/tire combo is that? Looks real good!