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  1. Civic Si vs Elantra Sport vs FoST vs GTI vs WRX

    I'll never own a VW again due to a previous purchase. CIVIC si wasn't going to work for my l.a. commute. WRX has the God awful CVT that I can't stand and I have no need for awd. The sport has a dual clutch and is completely loaded with features that work great for a commuter car plus the 201 hp...
  2. Civic Si vs Elantra Sport vs FoST vs GTI vs WRX

    Thanks to this thread, I bought an 18 Sport on sat. Thanks
  3. Sport hatchback lip kit on non sport?

    I like the sport model. But I want the bigger touch screen plus the kit without going sport touring ... Is there any place that sells the sport lip kit seperatly?
  4. Finally upgraded.....(pics)

    Looks FANTASTIC! Beautiful wheels with spacers. Perfect amount of drop. Couldn't do better myself
  5. The Type R I didn't buy

    It was a blue sedan. Looked so nice!
  6. My 2017 Civic Type R

    Is your front plate drilled into your GRILL¿☆¿¡
  7. The Type R I didn't buy

    +1 for Honda T.O. I was the first one to sit in their first SI even before it went into PDI.

    Honda of Chantilly someone blast those idiots
  9. Did Anyone Get A Car Today?

    Yes. Someone on this site posted that they got a red one today and has it at home now.
  10. Si Sighting & Dealer Lot Photo Thread

    There are better ways to talk to a customer who had full intentions of walking out with that si today. Either way. Still a good looking car maybe my nerves will calm enough to go for that drive
  11. Si Sighting & Dealer Lot Photo Thread

    Agreed, best n blue
  12. Si Sighting & Dealer Lot Photo Thread

    You should considering she never asked me if I knew how to drive stick.
  13. Si Sighting & Dealer Lot Photo Thread

    According to her, I'm a total moron apparently. She texted me as soon as I left the lot asking if I wanted to drive it. I've only been interested in the si since announcement and been drivng stick since my first car.
  14. Si Sighting & Dealer Lot Photo Thread

    Si delivered last night to Honda thousand oaks. Long story short the sales lady texted me at 830 am and told me to come in, do I did and I saw it in person and sat in the surprisingly nice seat ( I was the first person to sit in the car AND be at the dealership today). Then she proceeded to say...
  15. 2017 Civic Si on sale tomorrow, Saturday May 13! Starts at $23,900

    All dealers ive called have said around memorial day for arrivlal. Socal
  16. Si Factory Accessories / Performance Parts Released!

    Thanks for the pics and info!!!!!!! waited a while for this