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  1. Auto Highbeam Issue - Ktuner?

    I just flashed and this error will not go away. Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Z23 Performance Brakes

    I purchased the K7363 kit online. The fronts were fine, but the rear rotors were HUGE. I sent them back and Power Stop sent me different rotors...still HUGE. Does anyone else have the front and rear kit? What were the part#s that fit on your civic? I have a 16 Coupe EXT. Thanks!
  3. 27WON CAI and Ktuner

    I have the stage 2 base tune and will be installing this CAI. Do I need to use one of the CAI tunes then?
  4. FS: Konig Lace 17x7 Painted Black (updated with pics)

    Looking to sell these rims. 7k miles on them. Painted black. They are in great shape. $550+Shipping.
  5. Battery/Car Dead - kTuner

    Hi all - my 16 coupe ex-t died (battery). It will jump just fine. Do I need to reflash? All of the alarms are going off when the car has been started (similar to when flashing) Thanks all!
  6. New TPMS required for new wheels (OEM?)

    Hi all - Im looking to purchase some Si wheels for my ex-t coupe. Will I need to get new TPMS sensors for those wheels if I keep winter tires on my regular EXT wheels? Thank you all!
  7. V1 question - Maybe its just me

    After about 3-4 months of running the Level 2 tune on my 16 coupe, I notice/feel a drop off in performance/boost/ increased delay. Is my "butt" dyno completely off or do I need to refresh the tune? Thank all
  8. 2016 1.5T Coupe

    Does ANYONE know of a place where I can see a number of interior and exterior (quality) mods for a coupe? I cant find much anywhere! Thanks all!
  9. External Accessories - 2016 Coupe

    I have been looking for aftermarket parts for my coupe. Specifically I'd like a carbon fiber trunk lid for my white pearl orchid coupe ex-t. Anybody know of a good place to look? I am completely new to all of the accessorizing etc...(41 years old...) Be gentle.