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  1. Civic Vs New Integra

    We got in the first Integra today. So I took some pics of the “improved” body style 4-door. You all can decide 😊
  2. TSP Stage One+ VS. Phearable Stage 1.5 race

    I purchased a 19 Si coupe a few weeks ago to build so I immediately ordered a Ktuner with a box tune. I read the reviews and the dyno charts and it seemed the "plus" revision by TSP brought it up to the Phearable level so I tried that. Only other performance mod at this time is a PLR intake...
  3. Si Slick options

    Haven't seen too many people running slicks on their SI and was curious what options are available. I know MAP ran 15's on their car with a brake change but the link no longer works. Wasn't sure if a 16" wheel would clear the brakes or not.