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  1. Grille for sale.

    Sunday bump.
  2. Any motorcycle riders here?

    Honda for life.
  3. Phearable Stage 1 Tune

    It's a "first impression/reaction video" What more would you say? He will have more content in the following days. Patience young Jedi.
  4. Phearable Stage 1 Tune

    That dude Cameron already has it covered. Been following his build since day one.
  5. small metallic sound

    Why is the EWG Actuator ringing and tinging accepted as "normal"???
  6. What intake duct is this?

    I dont recommend painting it like I had. Leave it black. The paint flakes off.
  7. What intake duct is this?

    Totally a picture of my old coupe! I dont think it intakes to anything. It's just an air passage.
  8. N.A. Mods for Civic Si (?)

  9. Best Fitting Ebay-Style Grille?
  10. X Gen Si Blueprint Photo

    Its on etsy. The coupe version. No spoiler though.
  11. X Gen Si Blueprint Photo

    It's on etsy
  12. Grille for sale.

    @OhMyItsKev Same size. I tried the stock emblem. Perfect fit.
  13. eBay grille cooling mod gone wrong

    @ApexEight I have seen the zip tie thing. Thanks. I'm just planning on when to do it. I have to say I hate taking my bumper off on these model Civics. Everything is soooooo fragile.
  14. eBay grille cooling mod gone wrong

    @TacticalToolbox So I totally just did this whole thing, not knowing someone else had. Good job on making good with the grille..
  15. Grille for sale.

    I dont wanna sell the stock one. It makes nice wall art.
  16. Grille for sale.

    Ebay $66.99
  17. Window Visors

    My choice.
  18. Grille for sale.

    Ebay Pro Civic Replica???? Decided to go with the Ebay Honeycomb, so this one only had the test fit. Does ship with the eyebrows. No emblem. Just looking to get the money back from it. Sell Price+Shipping= $66.99 Shipping from Texas.