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  1. EPS steering rack replacment

    While driving at 40 mph or more, on a warm engine, smooth road (best time to FEEL it) you will have a slight resistance when making minor corrections. IF you do have that and you want to ensure the service writer feels it you do not shut down the engine...schedule an appointment so they are...
  2. EPS steering rack replacment

    sounds almost like a CV joint or hub bearing that. and I've just seen the issue about the low pressure fuel pumps...need to check if her Civic is on the list :|
  3. EPS steering rack replacment

    I can update with no further issues. two trips to austin and a few day trips around our house and its fine. Now I'm just worried about what I've been reading about with the AC systems lol
  4. EPS steering rack replacment

    I am glad to say that I can trust a few folks at our local dealer here in our part of Texas. I will name drop - Keating Honda - and they did a credible job. I took the advice of many on here and other forums and called ahead. Gave a description and the rather sketchy nature of the fault. The...
  5. Honda 1.5t oil dilution lawsuit letter

    we bought our EX new and have had no issues so far with 54k miles...that being said...with no fuel smell in the oil (checking at regular intervals) is there a deadline mileage where this will occur? or is it a situation where it will be fine one day and then the next its pumping gas out of the...
  6. Hatchback bumper reflector to LED conversion

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me if there is anyone making an LED reflector replacement for the 5 door hatches? Specifically this reflector in the pic. I am dubious of what is on Ebay and would like solid advice. Thank you! D
  7. 2018 Civic driver side door mirror

    okay got it done. didn't have to remove the mirror from the door. just had to pop the mirror itself out of the housing and disengage the three tabs. very important to have a set of plastic trim tools (thankfully I have them) for this. total cost for the part was 39.68 USD shipped and took less...
  8. 2018 Civic driver side door mirror

    well the part is on the way and we shall see. :)
  9. 2018 Civic driver side door mirror

    not sure the wrap would work since the gouge as I stated earlier was deep. it wouldn't be smooth looking.
  10. 2018 Civic driver side door mirror

    well I seem to have answered my own question. can anyone step up to say how the "skull cap" comes off? found the cap here - only about 30 bucks
  11. 2018 Civic driver side door mirror

    good morning all my wife did the unthinkable...she parked in a bad area. lol a very odd spot for a scratch but she got a good one. the colored plastic door mirror top has a massive gouge in it. goes beyond the paint and down into the plastic. would be very difficult to fill and blend and I was...
  12. SO - What's the single WORST feature of your Civicx?

    love driving the wifes EX HB but there are a few things...mostly have been mentioned already... sandpaper arm-rest material is a bit weird for me...I just throw a towel on the rest. washing the car is a severe PITA with all the nooks and crannies to was and then dry. me fitting in the...
  13. My curmudgeonly rant of the day on modern technology.

    I feel you on the rant. first gen My Ford Touch/SYNC was awesomely bad. guess you can call the gen 1.5 MFT/SYNC in our old Escape wasn't as bad as there was plenty of buttons for this, that and the other including dedicated HVAC and radio controls. I can however say the hatch there...
  14. Well, I'm knocking.

    Sgt Staadanko sorry if I didn't read every single post made here but reading about your issues here...up in Canada you folks have full coverage insurance right? IF the dealer did establish that you got water into your intake somehow...and since this IS an environmental issue and most if not all...
  15. CVT Longevity -

    I've always done my own tranny service on my vehicles. I know on our Escapes we would need to do a different type of flush. I'd pull the plug, drain about 5 quarts of fluid, replace said fluid, drive around the block. Drop the plug and get another 5 quarts out, then replace that. That basic...
  16. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    here are a couple shots of our 5 door. in our area I can say that we have very few in RR. makes for a fairly unique ride and makes the wife very happy :)
  17. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hello all! Wife and I just got a few weeks ago a very nice 2018 Civic EX 5 door. Last Honda I had the pleasure to own was a 2003 Honda CRV...that was another wife ago however. This little monster is awesome. I have already read about some of the possible fit issues and I admit I am somewhat...