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  1. Ok gas prices are getting ridiculous....Regular in this car?

    I saw gas under $5 for premium when I filled up the other day and almost orgasmed.
  2. Tons of error messages on my dash display!

    Low battery. Get it checked ASAP.
  3. Ok gas prices are getting ridiculous....Regular in this car?

    They still had leaded gas when I was a kid.
  4. Ambient air temp sensor showing hyphens

    I'm guessing they need to be programmed when replaced.
  5. 1.5T Are there any tuners that do not need to be plugged in to run a custom tune after flashing?

    If you just want to run one tune then you just plug in, flash, and then unplug and go. Unless you want to get a custom tune. Then you will have to keep it plugged in to datalog for the tuner. Other than that you will not need to leave it plugged in unless you want to read stuff off the KTuner...
  6. Diagnostics fee

    If you are out of warranty then that has always been a thing. If you are in warranty that should only be a thing on something that isn't a warranty item or is meant to wear out. If it turns out to be warranty then that fee should be waved.
  7. Petition to bring back the coupe!

    The only coupes left are sports cars and even those are not built in the numbers they used to be. Pretty soon we won't even be driving ourselves and you'll just tell whatever form of transport where you want to go and it will take you there.
  8. FK8 Price Prediction

    In states where it's required they don't care and will do it regardless.
  9. 2023 Civic Type R Officially Revealed! Will Be Made in Japan!

    Under $40k and even I can think about getting one. :drool:
  10. FTC proposes new rule to eliminate ‘deception’ and ‘fraudulent add-on products’ in car-buying process

    Like you said, regular air is already mostly Nitrogen and then it's compressed and pumped into your tires. Paying for that little extra Nitrogen is just a ripoff.
  11. FTC proposes new rule to eliminate ‘deception’ and ‘fraudulent add-on products’ in car-buying process

    Yeah, nitrogen in your tires is bs. Look it up. Most machines they use don't even have nitrogen in them so I don't know how they are magically pulling nitrogen from the air to put in your tires.
  12. Car bogging when building up boost

    I don't know how your IAT's are that high unless you were sitting idling for a while before you took that pic. If you were moving then something is seriously wrong with your intake and IC.
  13. FTC proposes new rule to eliminate ‘deception’ and ‘fraudulent add-on products’ in car-buying process

    Except that dealers don't dictate base price. Only the manufacturer can do that. They have already been talking about getting rid of dealers altogether and only having service departments with delivery/test drive areas while you order your car online, thereby cutting out the part where you are...
  14. Strange sound after start up

    I'm guessing Aamco scammed you and didn't actually change the fluid. Did the dealer get back the test of what the fluid actually was? Never heard of any trans fluid being green and the only fluid that I know of that would be green is coolant which could mean a coolant leak in the CVT preheater...
  15. Well… that was fun.

    Kind of surprised they only gave you $1500 more. Used car trade in market must be coming down. I got $6k more than I paid for my 20 Sport hatch in December and the R is worth way more to a dealer than that.
  16. Strange Thing Happened When Driving My 2021 Type R Today - Your Expertise Requested

    Honda sensing on the Civic was trash on my 20 Sport so I'm not surprised it is on your 21 R. Turn all that stuff off if you are going to do any spirited driving. The amount of times it saw ghost vehicles is insane.
  17. X gen Si clutch failures survey

    And here I read that survey as why did my (OP) clutch fail. Never had an OEM clutch fail on any Honda I have owned.
  18. 2.0L Total car noob here. Is it possible to swap my current engine for a turbo version?

    It all depends on your financial situation. The market for used cars is finally starting to drop with inflation, gas prices, and the fact that dealers are starting to see a lot more new inventory. Trading in right after you bought it is gonna lose you a lot of money most likely. Did you not test...