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  1. Tape/Glue for the Rear Fender Flare.

    Hello can anybody let me know where I can get the double sided tape or glue for the rear fender flare piece? a tesla merged into me and caused damages. I'm looking at repair options and will be visiting body shops and looking at paintless dent repair. but the flare piece will need to be...
  2. I'd like to see you do that in GR Corolla

    So I went to local ikea this past weekend and... Managed to fit a queen size bed frame. Civic hatchback is amazingly spacious! I don't think this get appreciated enough in car forums lol.
  3. Rattle in Rear Door speaker.

    So the small speak by the door handle is buzzing to the car's vibration and the music's as if the grill cover is very slightly loose. unfortunately it's right behind my left ear and it's driving me nuts sometimes. has anyone run into this issue? or maybe know how to safely remove...
  4. So it happened afterall.

    I'm so careful when it comes to not giving my car any curb rash. like, I would go as far as adjusting the side mirror downward to see the curb when i parallel park. But i guess as much as you pay attention, lapse in judgement happen and my roasted chicken takeout tasted like tears today lollll...
  5. Car Wash in Winter

    For those who daily/winter drive the Type R, or a hatchback. How do you wash you car? How often do you do it? do you wash it yourself in a heated garage? or at a touchless drive through? The 10th gen has so much panel gaps that can have water slowly dripping out even hours after the wash (the...
  6. Stock Tires in 5 to 10° C (50° in Fahrenheit) Weather

    Hi all, I understand that the stock tires are sports performance tires and are not meant to driven in cold weather. To my knowledge, below 7° the performance of the tire drastically decreases. I have appointment to change them into winter setup in first week of November, by then average...
  7. Cracked Front Emblem

    Welp, so this happened 2 months into ownership. just saw this after work today. anyone know how much is the OEM emblem gonna cost?
  8. I took delivery of a Type R!

    Hello all, May 21st after work, I went to a dealership near my office and officially took delivery of a 2021 PMM. It's a strange mix of all kinds of emotions. Just want to say hi to you all, there is a lot for me to learn.
  9. How much do you think a used 2017 or 2018 Type R should go for (CAD)?

    How much should they go for if you decide to sell? Asking for these 2 model years because they are basically identical. Edit: Assume average 8 to 10k miles a year, 100% stock.