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  1. Exedy Clutch, how much longer?

    Refresh, refresh, refresh
  2. Bought some Type R wheels.

  3. aftermarket Civic SI clutch

    I actually spoke with Clutchmasters and told them my situation. 2017 Si with Vittuned tuner, daily driver with potential couple track days per year. But that's the limit of my modification plans. They recommended the FX100. :hmm:
  4. Would you buy an si for a long daily commute

    Yup, i do about 60 miles a day round trip and the Si sedan is the perfect match of economy, comfort, and fun. I could use a little better stereo, but that's my only complaint!
  5. HFP Suspension listed now

    Sitting at the dealer waiting for my oil change to be done.. an hour after they said it would be done... Parts Dept just told me kit isn't available for 2017 cars.. and only sold as complete kit. As an experienced parts guy.. I hate being on the other side of the counter... Lol
  6. Any Si owners to comment on Sport Hatchbacks

    I own a '17 Si Sedan. Fiance has a '17 Sport Touring HB. Mine is better for fun, her's is better for commuting. Her mileage is a little better, but may have to do with her commute vs my slog. Si is obviously more sporty, better traction with LSD, etc. Her seats are leather, but that's a...
  7. grippier tires

    I went with a set of 19" wheels off a TLX A-Spec and mounted a set of Pilot Sport 4s's. Man.. they have so much grip, and the most noticeable is in wet.
  8. Debadge an SI?

    Sure why not. Although I'm leaving the Si on, i want to remove the stupid (imo) turbo badges from the sides.
  9. Anyone here considered a Touring

    G/F drives a 2017 Sport Touring, and it's the reason I ended up with an Si. I drove her car a bunch of times and let her take my Focus ST to work. It's such a nice car! I still swap out and let her take the Si and enjoy her car on my 2-3 hours round trip commute.
  10. New Honda SI Tires in Winter

    If the all-seasons are as good in winter as they are in wet.. you'll end up in a ditch
  11. Holy &[email protected]$! Replaced all seasons on Si

    I've thrown a set of 19" Pilot Sport 4s's on my car on some Acura TLX A-spec wheels I got. HUGE difference. I can also say the 4S's are an improvement over the Pilot Super Sports, and thats a hard tire to beat. They do have a little more road noise than the garbage AS tires that I took off...
  12. New Honda SI Tires in Winter

    Also.. COSTCO for tires. I work in the car business, and I couldn't beat Costco pricing by a significant margin let alone the ability to have it done at 8:00 at night and not have to buy cases of beer for people.
  13. New Honda SI Tires in Winter

    The factory tires are horrible.. just horrible. I've already thrown a set of Pilot Sport 4S on a set of 19" Acura TLX A-Spec wheels on my Si. Even in single digit (Celcius) rainy weather those things grip like crazy. In dry, you can't get 2nd gear scratch, they just grip and go. Versus OMG...
  14. New wheels on my Si Sedan

    Working on that. I'm going to check the colour difference from the stock caps, but think it's different enough to look "off"
  15. New wheels on my Si Sedan

    I work in the auto business so I have a bunch of connections around various dealerships. I was bugging my buddy at Acura about a set of the TLX A-Spec 19" wheels and he happened to get a set in off a new car so I picked them up. Mounted a set of the Pilot Sport 4S's on them. The guys at Costco...
  16. Full Si HFP Package Available for Preorder Soon

    Sure looks that way. Enhanced comfort? So, regular is softer and sport is tighter? Kinda odd. I wouldn't mind the suspension if it was a subtle drop. I've already got a set of TLX A-Spec 19" wheels so I'm ok without the HFP wheels. Aero.. I'd have to see it.
  17. Difference between coupe and sedan

    Seat belt adjuster was my biggest gripe with the coupe! Ended up purchasing a sedan for different reasons, but it really stood out to me!
  18. Clutch issues

    I've got a shudder on mine on engagement in first. I'm hoping it goes away after a few miles since the car is so new, but keeping an eye on it.
  19. Coupe vs sedan

    Biggest thing for me? The lack of height adjustment on the shoulder belt on the coupe. WHAT THE F Honda. I adjusted that shoulder belt like 6-7 times on my test drive. Why does the sedan have it, but not on the coupe?
  20. Canadian Si Turbo Decals

    lol, and here I am thinking that I'm going to try and take them off this weekend.