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  1. Thermal Ceramic Black Tips

    Is the only way of getting these tips by contacting them? Can’t find them on their site.
  2. Michelin pilot sport a/s 3+ 235/45R18 or 245/45R18?

    He’s asking about a 45 series tire tho. I think 45 is too tall on 18+ wheels for this car. While I was looking at tires yesterday I saw that 45 series were generally cheaper than 30-40, but it wasn’t until I went on and looked at the comparison to stock wheels/tires and saw how...
  3. SS 1LE or Civic Type R: What would you do, dad?

    This what I came to post. 4 doors, V8, RWD, and can be had in manual. But like OP said the price for a used one is about the same for a CTR @ MSRP. The Type R is hard to beat for a fun daily, but coming from a Camaro I’d do a couple of nation wide searches for an SS first to see what you can find.
  4. Varis Arising-II full front bumper replacement

    This is what myself and a few others were saying in the other thread lol. It’s not that much different from stock to justify what ever price they’re gonna charge. Verus Engineering has carbon canards that look great for $200, and I feel like the black Mugen lip is pointless as it’s just black...
  5. Civic Type R Worth It?/Daily/Snow

    The FK8 is a beast of a daily. Probably the best car I’ve ever had, but Ima brokeboi so that doesn’t mean much. I actually plan on moving to New England in the near future and the CTR will be my only car, and I’m not worried at all. If I were in your position owning a Supra already, I would...
  6. Got Screwed on a Set of Michelin Pilot A/S 3+. What should I get now?

    I was leaning more towards the G-Forces in stock sizes (haven’t looked at 255’s), but being as I might be moving to New England by next summer I think it might be more beneficial to get a dedicated winter set up with performance snows.
  7. Got Screwed on a Set of Michelin Pilot A/S 3+. What should I get now?

    I was looking into AS3+s, but DWS06’s seem like a better deal. I’m also considering BF Goodrich’s G-Force Comp 2 A/S for their better price. I plan on mounting these on the stock 20”s and running summers on 18’s. Trying to hold out for Black Friday deals as it’s only gotten below 50’s here in...
  8. FS: Third Brake Light Flasher Module

    Filled out the form yesterday.
  9. Varis Arising-II full front bumper incoming

    Gotta say I’m not as hyped as I thought Id be. These bumpers aren’t too much a difference from OEM, which probably has the best performance.
  10. Spoon Swan Neck GT Wing

    Yea so far Im not feeling it. Don’t like the way that exhaust looks either.
  11. Varis Arising-II full front bumper replacement

    Lol Im guessing they’ll have the best price?
  12. Varis Arising-II full front bumper replacement

    From the looks of things, J’s uses other companies to build their products, slaps their name on it, and charges an up charge. ie the wing that Voltex makes for them, and this new First Molding hood.
  13. Varis Arising-II full front bumper replacement

    Any guesses on price? Over/under $2k?
  14. JDM yellow fog lights

    Local & under $300. The one day I don’t check..... fml
  15. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    How do I bypass the sensor? Via the tablet or do I have to do something with on a pc with the software?
  16. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Any help with error code: P2270? Recently got the message twice now on my way home from work after installing a PRL catted dp. The only way to clear it seems to be reflashing it. Car drives normal, it’s just a cel & no rev match.
  17. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Ohh thanks, so what should we monitor for knock? I thought I read knock control, but it was probably for 1.5’s smh.