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  1. Florida WedsSport RN05M Wheels - 18x9.0 +50mm

    For Sale: Set of 4 WedsSport RN05M Wheels - 18x9.0 / 5x120 / +50mm Offset W/ Michelin Pilot Super Sports 255/40/18 Good Condition. Some small scratches on one of the wheels and a few nicks on the inside of the wheels. Need room in garage. Looking for $1200 picked up in Tampa. The rims alone...
  2. Florida Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter & Honda Red Leather Shift Knob

    Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter - $80 shipped No Honda Hack required. Plug&Play Honda Red Leather Shift Knob - $85 shipped. SOLD
  3. Florida '17 Championship White 19.3k Miles

    2017 Honda Civic Type R Seeing if I can sell with parts before selling to Vroom. Located in Tampa, FL Interior in pristine condition. Looking for 39k. 19.3k Miles. Mods: K&N Engine Filter Invidia R400 Exhaust SynthCarbon Door Pillar Mugen Style Mirror Caps BaysonR carbon fiber hood scoop...
  4. Florida Mugen Style Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

    Brand new Real Carbon Fiber Mugen Style Mirror Caps I bought off eBay. Will include double sided tape. Looking for $90 shipped.
  5. Wireless Carplay Dongle Is Available For Civic

    1.) There is a carlinkit which works on the factory head unit. 2.) Scroll to the bottom and find the parent company name, then search it up on YouTube. The installation videos are in Chinese. 3.) “Free international shipping”...
  6. Wireless Carplay Dongle Is Available For Civic

    It’s a fact you bought a rebranded carlinkit.:lol::lol::lol:
  7. Wireless Carplay Dongle Is Available For Civic

    LOL you bought from a dropshipping company. They sell the exact same product as the other ones with broken english, just rebranded. The reviews are all fake. The quality is the exact same, you are just experiencing placebo from spending more money and reading fake reviews.
  8. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I thought the rear Rally Armor mud flaps were way too low to the ground so I drilled some holes and raised it 1". Looks way better imo.
  9. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    Doesn't matter, both fit
  10. I test drove a 2018 Mazda Miata (155hp), and was surprised....

    Thats not a ND miata tho... The new generation is much better.
  11. Financing your CTR...Lease, Buy??

    I don't understand why some of you are so against financing. With interest rates being so low, more likely than not, investing yields a higher return than the interest of the loan.
  12. Anyone looking for a cheap type-r? 29k

    The wrecked car sold for $16,200.
  13. Anyone looking for a cheap type-r? 29k

  14. Anyone looking for a cheap type-r? 29k

    Before it got repaired
  15. Has anyone wrapped the black part of their spoiler themselves in vinyl wrap?

    Also tried this, I could not wrap the bottom side of the spoiler at all. I will probably try it again and only wrap the top portion. :dunno:
  16. FS: 2018 Civic Si Sedan - Central Illinois

    The SI sedan is worth more than 15k, you could probably get away with the 15k-19,999 bracket. It would be more than $750.
  17. FS: 2018 CW Type R - 1,800 Miles, PA

    I highly doubt they offered you a brand new Type R for 35k LAST YEAR in SOCAL out of all places. They sold you a SI for under MSRP because that's what they are going for. This guy is selling his Type R for 34,900 because that is approx. what they are going for.:doh: