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  1. Crunchiness

    There's nowhere in San Diego area that gets that cold, (I lived there 33 years). You're actually taking LONGER to warm your engine letting it sit and idle 7-10 mins, not good for the oil dilution issue either. Just start it, wait a minute for the idle to lower a bit then slowly drive off...
  2. Misfiring cylinder 4, and now 1&3

    Yeah, they're "tripping" until YOU have the problem! Nobody said ALL the vehicles r having this problem, but this is what web sites r for, info and issue solving.
  3. What Shift Knob are you currently using?

    That's what she said in my dream.

    30K on my 18 SI and still the most notchy, 2nd gear grinding manual I've EVER owned (I turn 60 this month and I've owned about 90 cars so far and MANY manuals) The notchy shifter and the no volume knob r my only complaints......I do have a appt. at the dealer to take care of the side seat...
  5. notchy shifter?

    30K on my 18 SI and it's the most notchy manual I've EVER had, (I'm turning 60 this month and I've owned MANY manuals)........that, and the no radio knob are my only complaints. downshifting into 2nd get s a lot of "gear crunching" have to be VERY precise pushing in the clutch when downshifting...
  6. Tire Eater

    You can go 50K between gear oil's not as sensitive as a auto tranny.
  7. Seafoam for our engines?

    Why do u want to use SEAFOAM?
  8. Engine damage from water/carwash?

    You'll be fine.....don't worry. You drove it home ok right??
  9. Coronavirus...

    I live in South Carolina and the cases have leveled off here the last 3 or 4 days....according to my cell phone info....hopefully headed downward and "maybe" open the country back up end of April or by May 15th or so.
  10. Pretty sure this isn't normal. DI or something else?

    How many miles on the motor? Does the sound only happen when the engine is cold or warm or all the time?
  11. Rear Seat Delete

    What r u going to do if you go out with Hot Twin Sisters!!??
  12. Coronavirus...

    If you figure the so far fatality rate it's about the USA ..I stand corrected. I'm talking per capita of PEOPLE INFECTED NOT 4% of the US population you're figuring wrong! Every American doesn't get this. Nice dodge of my main point that so far about 22,000 people have died mostly from...
  13. Stock Tires, how many miles did you get?

    The stock tires are only dangerous if you drive like a Ass......hence all those Mustang videos you see. Do you really think Honda would put dangerous tires on their vehicles that wouldn't handle in the rain? If you drive like a Ass in the rain......then yeah they might be dangerous...
  14. Coronavirus...

    If you like that one watch his "Saving the Planet" video
  15. Coronavirus...

    Whats "deluded" about it? THOUSANDS die EVERY year from the Flu and nothing gets shut down. Over 500,000 people died from the Swine Flu outbreak world wide and nothing was shut down. WHY are they shutting down stores and schools for this mild (for the majority of people) virus when they don't...
  16. Can’t shift smoothly after 1 year

    I have a 18 SI and a 2006 2.4 Accord....both manual. The Accord shifts smooth as butter....the SI is VERY notchy.
  17. Traded the Si last Saturday...

    Congrats on the New Accord! Wow! they gave you a LOT for your trade......a 18 SI trade in value is only about 15K at best! I'm guessing they didn't give you that great a deal on the Accord but you can't have it all. If they give you a good deal on one end they don't on the other.
  18. Cold Air Intake

    NO CAI will give you more than a couple HP.......don't believe the's more for sound and engine bling. That's why on the boxes you see the words "up to" as far as HP increase.
  19. What can happen if you use the wrong spark plug?

    What mods have you done to your engine.......that would be more of a reason why it blew.
  20. What can happen if you use the wrong spark plug?

    A slightly different plug wouldn't have caused you to throw a rod.