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  1. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    Just be aware, CMP is hard on your tires! Ive heard they are putting lots of money into the track ( it needs it) just not sure when the repaveng will be done. Yes a nice technical track. Roebling is great for track car shake down. I ran with the RA1's great tire/Street tire. Because I trailered...
  2. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    I'll see what I can find in that size for my CTR Thanks for that info. I'm iching to get my CTR out on the track. It should be interesting to compare it to my previous totally prepared Porches 944 track cars that I've had. I've been to AMP a few times, just love those blind hills!! I also do CMP...
  3. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    Yes have heard stock tires don't last long I've been looking for light weight 19" and close to 60mm offset as possible to help with torque steer. Heard also that brake pad upgrade helps. Have you seen Jim Pace youtube on how he goes around VIR I Like his approach
  4. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    OK thanks, I locked everthing in the back of my Tundra. My track cars were totally stripped for weight! hot! on those summer days. This would be my first time on the track with a front wheel drive car Did you have issues with understeer?? Did you run your CTR completely...
  5. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    Interesting as I just sold my 89 944 turbo S track car that I had at VIR a bunch of times. I'm no spring chicken either and loading up the track car and all the stuff to go to the track on my featherlight trailer just got to be too much. So l sold it all, and bought my 2019 CTR to replace my...
  6. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    My 1978 911 SC Porsche tells me nothing My arms tells me I'm getting a workout as the car has no power steering My cold sweats tells me I have no ABS My CTR is constantly telling me to depress the brake pedal to engage the parking brake!!
  7. Air conditioning woes

    So ever since I bought my 2019 CTR l've never been impressed with it's AC performance. I live in the south and when temps get close to ninty I'm always on the verge of sweating. I took it to the dealer and they made sure it had the exact amount of freon ( apparently critical) and it helped, but...
  8. Did you test drive your R before purchasing?

    I got to test drive a used 2017 CTR at a Toyota dealership last year. Went for the drive with the salesman and when we got back we went into the showroom to talk and there were six sales staff with their jaws open! They all said Wow! we're not even allowed to sit in one!! I did end up buying a...
  9. Did you test drive your R before purchasing?

  10. Who scored a Phoenix Yellow CTR Limited Edition?

    I know its not a CTR but I just sold my 96 993 speedyellow Turbo that I bought seven years ago, and more than doubled my money, hey who knew, I didn't. So you never know what the market will bring
  11. Who scored a Phoenix Yellow CTR Limited Edition?

    Don't like the sound of " to be announced " Because its in yellow, it's much faster than my CTR in black. It should look amazing
  12. Where do you store your pistol?

    I lived in the States now, but grew up in Canada. I was around guns ( rifles and shot guns) all the while growing up. So its not totally gun free by any means. But what the US has is the second amendment and no politician would dare try to change that. Ive lived in the US since 1996 and never...
  13. Help me decide--2019 CTR or 2018 M2?

    Watch "BMW M2 Competition vs Honda Civic Type R - TRACK REVIEW // DRAG RACE & LAP TIMES" on YouTube
  14. Help me decide--2019 CTR or 2018 M2?

    @RS26. You are correct, the newer BMW are amazing and very capable, but buyer beware when they are out of warranty! Even the E46 M3 need rod bearing if tracked I bought my first BMW in 1973, a 2002ti ( wow do I wish I still had that one) over the years E30 M3, E36 M3, E28 M5 and E34M5 plus a...
  15. 2019 Type R - CW - Pittsburgh, PA - build thread

    Our local PCA just did the same thing. Virtual car show. I submitted my 1978 Porsche 911 SC Maybe I should of submitted my 2019 black CTR instead
  16. What are your favorite detailing products?

    Having nice older BMW's and now a few nice air cooled Porsches, my go to place for detail products is carcaronline as they have the best professional products out there Zaino products are also top notch and they make the best non scratching towels
  17. 2019 Type R - CW - Pittsburgh, PA - build thread

    Same here on my black CTR looks killer
  18. Anyone else blowing their speakers easy?

    Back in the late nineties my son ( in his early 20's) owned a Honda CRX and the stereo system he installed was insane! Tons of watts and woofers and needless to say he has very bad hearing now. I have a 2019 Honda CTR and assuming it is the same sound system. I never listen over 20 setting and...