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  1. 2018 HB humming, high pitched sound at all speeds

    If you buy please tell me how it goes!
  2. 2018 HB humming, high pitched sound at all speeds

    Ive done extra sound proofing in floor and doors..i tried more camber in car is fully rust treated with dinitrol..the best so far is soundproofing floor. But this sound gets in your head so i hear it still..iv have nokian friktion tires on 17inch and its better than 18 with nokian...
  3. 2018 HB humming, high pitched sound at all speeds

    I think its a cavity sound you mean. More on rough roads? The civic has a really high cavity sound but many more cars has this more or less. More common on light cars with stiff chassi/bushings. Ive done every rhing i can but sadly not much improvment in this sound...
  4. Rough asfahlt tire sound

    Yes they do but cavity noise comes from every tire unless they have extra sound isololation inside the tire and that aint common in these dimensions..i dont think honda is researching in cavity noise problem if its just to change tire. The new models has plastic resonators inside the wheel to...
  5. Rough asfahlt tire sound

    Well its a civic x forum. Tires dont really matter much. Its there more o less..but civic fk7..nokian tyres same sound with michelin primacy 4 ..same sound with winter tires but less
  6. Rough asfahlt tire sound

    As you may noticed there is a brumming noise on rough roads. Its a cavity noise from the tires thats is a very common sound in newer cars. I just want to know if anyone that has lowering springs mounted noticed that the sound disapered? I dont have lowering spring but i had a tsx ones with exact...
  7. A/C system noise/whistling - lets sum all the information pals

    There is a bullitin on this sound. And if you complain you will get a ac line changed with a bigger "muffler" . This is a "sucking" sound from the ac..
  8. Michellin Primacy 3/4

    Yes. Primacy 4. Its superb
  9. Washer fluid jets aim too low on windshield.

    Ive adjusted mine..with a flatdriver. Just below the nozzle is a small hole . Put in the small screwdriver and adjust. Mine is perfect now..
  10. Steering wheel leather cracking

    That is from something else..i had a pen in my leg side pocket once and my wheel looked like that. I happend men i got out of the car. Rings clocks o something else. Thats not a wheel problem
  11. Installed under seat subwoofer in an Si Sedan!

    Yes the wires comes out in that child seat hook
  12. Vibration Issue

    Its very common that the tires arnt round too. Buy quality tires. Stiff chassi and suspension cars make this issue easier to feel. If you have 1 wheel thats not round mount this on the rear right , and you will feel it less
  13. Vibration Issue

    Balance youre wheels.
  14. My si feels like it’s jerking

    I just tought it would be very slippery when you hit the gas then..but youre absolutly right
  15. My si feels like it’s jerking

    Ok..dont know but dont think its the clutch. If it happens when you dont use the clutch and just cruising. If its just jerking when your shift gears that can be clutch..
  16. My si feels like it’s jerking

    Is it only when cold?
  17. Gas pedal leg woes

    I have mounted 10mm aluminiumdistance at the front of my seats. Much better
  18. Exhaust sound when cold

    i never notice it when i have it in my garage. its not crazy cold here 28f . i can feel the sound in my seat.
  19. Exhaust sound when cold

    Hb sport 1,5t. Stock exhaust Is anyone noticed that the sport exhaust when its cold in cold weather. Its loud by 1800 rpm untill its get warm like 10min or it is just me..
  20. Hesitation when cold ok when warm

    I do! And we working at it..with my honda dealer and honda europe..i have no codes, but now we have recorded a drive and sent to honda "tess". (A support team) cleaned the throttle house with no difference..i personoly think it is the injectors, but weel see