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  1. Prl v2 catted downpipe

    I recently picked up a prl downpipe from our classified section. When it showed up I noticed it was missing the gasket and it didn’t have the O2 spacer. I found the gasket online but not the spacer, is it necessary? Or would I have a better chance for no check engine light to show up? Please...
  2. Axle shaft bearing is leaking again

    The first oil change I didn’t on my car I noticed the axle shaft bearing was leaking. I took it into the dealer and they replaced it. Now it Is doing it again, anyone else having this problem?
  3. JL C2-350x

    I have 1 speaker with wire harness and foam baffle for sale. I would prefer to sell to someone local. If no one is interested in a few days I will look into shipping it. I live in the Coachella Valley so if anyone nearby wants it hit me up.