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  1. Power-to-Weight

    My son has a CTR, as do I. We were talking about its power and handling compared to some Porsche models I've owned. He asked how some of the earlier 911s could perform with the limited power they had. That lead to a power-to-weight discussion. My first Porsche was a 1969 911T that I bought new...
  2. Type R spare tire

    Nails and such that are lying flat on the road get kicked up by the front tires and the rear hits them when they're no longer lying flat.
  3. FK8 valves after 40K miles w/no oil catch can

    Do you have an oiled air filter? K&N or something? Those often leave oil downstream from the filter.
  4. Car Wobbles at 30mph after lowering it

    Yeah, that. Most likely in the rear because it doesn't seem to be coming through the steering wheel.
  5. Type R spare tire

    I have the Type R spare kit (donut). Yes, it fits the front wheel. But, no, I wouldn't use it there. If I had a front flat, I'd move the rear tire/wheel on that side of the car to the front and then put the donut on the rear. If you jack the car by the front pinch-weld, you can get both wheels...
  6. Road trip - spare tire -

    Sounds OK, but why not run the NSX wheels on the car and use one of the OEM wheels/tires as a spare? Seems like less work.
  7. Should I change my oil?

    Possibly. Her car before the Accord was a Subaru WRX. Before the WRX she had a Civic Si. She does know how to put a boot in it. She's 73 now so maybe she's lost a tenth or two.
  8. Should I change my oil?

    My CTR goes almost 10K miles before the MM says it needs new oil. My wife's 2.0T Accord only goes about 3,500. Her driving is mostly low-speed rural town driving, and she doesn't rack up many miles per year. I assume Honda knows what it's doing with the MM and follow it.
  9. Parts from Honda for my type R

    These people SAY they have the front. I couldn't find the rear.
  10. 2023 Civic Type R Officially Revealed! Will Be Made in Japan!

    Me either. It was the first thing that made me say, "Whoa. I don't like that" about this car.
  11. Strange Thing Happened When Driving My 2021 Type R Today - Your Expertise Requested

    In the owner's manual, starting on Page 495 is an explanation of how CMBS works and how to turn it off.
  12. Strange Thing Happened When Driving My 2021 Type R Today - Your Expertise Requested

    That would be my guess, too. I turn all the nanny features off all the time. I hate them. But, that's just me.
  13. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    MG Midget? I had its sister, the Austin Healey Sprite, that I bought new in 1967. Awful car. The first thing that happened was when I was going down the highway at about 70 MPH. The engine just broke. By 'broke' I mean the block split in half. The head was the only thing holding it together. It...
  14. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    Probably not at first. I think it's a moot point anyway because they will be really, really scarce. I'll be surprised to see any 'on the lot' for a year or more. I'll just have to live with my BBP 2021. At least I don't have the tax problem a couple of people have mentioned - no sales tax in my...
  15. Head Unit Upgrade (CTR 2017)

    Really good question. My wife has a 2018 Accord. She uses CarPlay every time she's in the car. The unit has been flawless since she bought the car new 4 years ago.
  16. Rattle noise come from engine bay.

    This is probably not your problem, but I chased a rattle over the weekend. In my case, it turned out to be rocks in the sheet metal panel under the engine. I was getting the noise under braking, and sometimes while turning. I rapped on that panel and could hear the noise. I removed it and about...
  17. 2022 CTR Maps

    Garmin Express says Map: US & Canada 2022.0 The last update I did was in January. I thought that was a 2022 map, too.
  18. 2022 CTR Maps

    Garmin Express told me there was a map update. I installed it today without any trouble.
  19. What did you do to your Type R today?

    What I did was much less exciting than most things in this thread. I touched up three paint chips on the roof. They weren't there when I washed the car on Sunday. At least they're just paint, with no visible dents in the metal.