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  1. “Needed” mods/upgrades?

    Fair, but by going through the thread, OP is out for more power (eventually). Hence the suggestion of clutch + intercooler. Personally, I've been debating on the oil catch can for a while...and I bit the bullet on that. Just curious how much blow-by it will catch, and in hopes to prolong the...
  2. “Needed” mods/upgrades?

    New tires and/or wheels Oil catch can (just for a piece of mine couple weeks ago, planning to install it soon) Larger aftermarket intercooler KTuner (A few already mentioned) Clutch
  3. Windows cracked with my buddy inside.

    Not that I am aware of. From my understanding, It has been an existing "feature" on Honda's a good couple of generations now...
  4. Windows cracked with my buddy inside.

    The windows + roof can be remotely opened using the keyfob. Press the unlock button once. Press and hold the unlock button, and the windows + roof will automatically roll down. If you release the unlock button during, it will stop, so your windows + roof can be opened part way. I'm thinking...
  5. Phearable tune help (LTFT, STFT VALUES)

    The mounting kit re-uses one of the stock mounting points, and adds a support point at the aluminum MAF housing. The piece that has threads on both sides is rubber insolated to kill off any vibrations transferred.
  6. Car wash foam gun or cannon recommendations

    I bought one of these last year, however, after about 3 ~ 4 washes, it started to leak at the quick disconnect. Not sure if the rubber seal is going bad, or the QD itself has a defect.
  7. Phearable tune help (LTFT, STFT VALUES)

    I bought the PRL CAI w/ Race MAF, but then decided to get the SRI conversion kit. Wires is not the problem. It is because the windshield washer fluid reservoir in the CDN spec is different from the US spec. On the US spec, the reservoir is SMALLER, and on the passenger side. On the CDN spec...
  8. Cracked Windshield

    Oh shii... okay. Well if I go through my insurance's glass/windshield comprehensive, I *hope* the fee for re-calibrating is included. Jeez, hope I don't need to fork out $450 for the calibration part... It's been filled before, and THAT filled area cracked even further. The chip/crack was JUST...
  9. Cracked Windshield

    I know this is the Type-R section, but it came up on my CivicX feed, and I'm in the situation where I need to get my windshield replaced on my FK7 hatch. A semi-truck kicked up a rock (or something) while I was on the highway heading into work, and put a chip at the bottom-center of the...
  10. Moving on from the FK8, but the memories are grand (and the depreciation is negligible!)

    $500 less than purchase?! I am helluva surprised about that. A buddy of mine traded in his Civic Si a year later (up-sized to an MDX), he lost a couple $1000's.
  11. 18x9.5 +45 wheels rubbing on the inside?

    Oh Sh!t I accidentally used 245/35/20 instead of 245/30/20 :oops: any case, OP ended up going with 265/35/18. Wider, but overall diameter is still 0.5" less (25.8" vs 25.3")
  12. Swapping Hatchback Sport Seats for Si Seats?

    That's awesome! THANK YOU for the details and photos! At least for me, THIS is the info I was looking for.
  13. Volks vs Grams

    Gram Lights are flow formed / flow forged / rotary forged wheels. Volk Rays are forged. Both are stronger and lighter than regular cast or gravity cast wheels.
  14. How in the heck is this car totaled??? I am getting scammed

    Looks like the impact affected the front quarter panels, up the A-pillar. Depends on the impact, and how much of the engine bay it affected. If you look through the list of parts in the estimate, of OP's situation, the damage went pretty far. Although the impact as low speed. Replaced the...
  15. Body kit

    I am not sure if Sedan and Coupe (non-Si) are the same, but Hatchback bumper is different. Hatch has the Type-R like bumper and "vents", while it is smaller/narrower on the Sedan / Coupe. EDIT: Si Coupe / Sedan is also different from non-Si trims. Si Coupe and Sedan use the same bumper (same...
  16. What offset should I look for?

    I sold my stock Hatchback wheels + tires to a local guy who owned a Sedan. 235/40/R18 tires, and 18x8 +50 wheels. He put 'em on the same day, and absolutely zero fitment issues. This is the picture he sent me from that day. I believe his Sedan was the LX trim (Canadian spec).
  17. Those with 17" wheels...

    Shiiiiieeet you're on the CivicX forums now :)
  18. Front fender liners ripped.

    Can you share a couple pictures of the rip / tear? On stock wheels, it shouldn't cause that, as there is A LOT of clearance between wheel/tire, and everything else. You'd need to be going supercar speeds to cause damage like that due to wind resistance on the freeway.... Did you hit any...
  19. 18x9.5 +45 wheels rubbing on the inside?

    Your sidewall is +38%, and diameter is a good +0.6" more. 40 widewall will give you the closest to stock overall diameter.