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  1. 27WON FK8 Turbocharger Upgrade (The one the forum asked for)

    I’m having issues uploading a picture but google “California checking for ecu tunes” and a bunch of info will come up. here is a copy/paste of some text about it: In California, any vehicle that's eight years old or older needs to pass a smog test every two years in order to be registered in...
  2. 27WON FK8 Turbocharger Upgrade (The one the forum asked for)

    Ok just to clarify (for me because I am slow) If I purchase this turbo upgrade, I can drop it in with no other changes (keeping the OE/stock tune) I could run this and see some gains and still be safe? I ask because this would be a good power alternative for me because of CA emission junk, it is...
  3. 27WON FK8 Turbocharger Upgrade (The one the forum asked for)

    As a drop in, will this require tuning or will it literally work with all oe components including stock tune (I ask because I’m in CA)
  4. Grinding gears in reverse

    Old thread revival. This just started happening to me. Same routine backing out of the garage since Feb of 2019. 2 times in the last 3 weeks, never before. First time I head it,it didn’t click what was going on- heard a faint gear grind and he stick shift was vibrating. My foot is still...
  5. GRP Exhausts Ready to Roll

    Old thread bump Can you get this exhaust without the Downpipe and front pipe. is there a non valved option? (night time web surfing for exhausts right now)
  6. Hooker Blackheart Exhaust for FK8 Type R

    Everybody has the same shit, it is good to have different manufacturers than the same 4 or so everyone is sporting. Same for wheels-all the same
  7. Hooker Blackheart Exhaust for FK8 Type R

    Dude Thank you so much for this write up and review, I’ve been looking at this exhaust for a bit now but there is nothing but the video out out by hooker. So glad there is a real world review. I’ve been thinking about this cat back because it is different than the normal exhausts others have...
  8. I fixed my curb rash for $18.87

    Good post and info! Thank you
  9. How many ended up with a drilled front bumper?

    Dealer asked me I forgot I wanted to leave it off. I said hell yes
  10. Anyone bought Honda Care extended warranty for their Type R???

    12 years (might be 10, I’ll have to double check) 120k bumper to bumper warranty After Costco discount it was like $1200 Bellevue Honda.
  11. CTR - Is there still a waiting list?

    What color are you getting? Crystal black pearl here
  12. CTR - Is there still a waiting list?

    In June I was put on a waiting/call list at the local Honda dealer by me. On October 31st I got a call saying they have received a vin, I was the next to be called to see if I was still intrested, I immediately went down and made a down payment/deposit. Now I’m playing the waiting game, last I...
  13. Nitto NT555 G2 255/35R20 on OEM rims

    Any issues with running 255/35/20 tires? I am about to pull the trigger on the 245/35/20 but would love more protection with more rubber of the 255/35/20s Thanks! Ben