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  1. Civic Hatchback Configuration Tool is FINALLY fully functional

    You can now choose colors, add accessories and see those accessories on the cars with a 360 view function.
  2. Unofficial Civic Hatchback Trim Level List

    Found this over at Not sure how credible it is...but I suppose we will find out soon enough about the Hatcback trim levels. Going to be interesting to see how the Sport and Sport Touring models turn out. It appears that the...
  3. Civic Hatch on sale in late Summer...

    ...according to a source "in the know" over at, Civic Hatch back models hit US dealers in late Summer...exciting!
  4. Rumors swirl.... 2016 Civic Si 2.0T with about 230hp.

    From insider poster "RolledaNSX" over on who is about 80 percent right when it comes to rumors/insider info with the newest Hondas. Im getting excited ;) Now just give me that 2.0t, some LED headlights and taillights, sunroof, navigation and some sport cloth seats and I'm sold ;)
  5. Aegean Blue 2016 Civics now hitting dealerships

    Aegean Blue Civics (compilation thread) finally hitting dealerships! Its my favorite color at the moment. Gonna be sexy on the SI model.
  6. SURPRISE! Official: 2016 Civic Coupe to debut at LA Auto Show!

    Announced by Honda North America themselves. The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe coming to LA! DAMNIT, I knew I should have booked my flight to go out there last month! Gonna see if I can find a cheap plane ticket out there :)