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  1. proper grille material for EVS style open grille

    Am planning to go this route with my OEM grille in the future. However, I was wondering if there are plastics or right type of material to make a grille for that now open area to minimize radiator damage from pebbles/rocks? I've seen people use screens that they said was purchased from home...
  2. Autel Maxi AP200C?

    I noticed there is a new Autel Device. Has anyone tried the new one for the brake service? I'm thinking its better cause you apparently can use it on multiple makes of cars.
  3. Silicone plugs for under the hood scoop?

    I thought I saw somewhere that someone had put some type of plug under the hood scoop holes to alleviate water from seeping through? mags anyone got a sizing or photo of such product?
  4. Pausing FM radio for Honda Hack video start up

    I have Honda Hack with Video/Sound start up. Is there a way to get FM radio to pause play when I start up video for Honda Hack? The FM radio cuts out the sound of my start up video and the only way I can see to make the should from the video be present is if I actively change the source of the...
  5. Security license plate screws?

    I tried both the American and Japanese version of these screws, neither fits the type R. In the 2nd pic the screw on the left is what came with the car, and it screws into this white plastic thing to hold the license plate up. Anyone know of a license plate security screw that will fit?
  6. Whitelistap?

    I’m trying to clean up my head unit. I got my torque pro installed and so I don’t need the google play services and other apps. I deleted the google play services. There is still this app that I’m not sure what it is for. I’m deleting what is available from the Honda hack installer/uninstalled...
  7. How to get rid of Notification bar at the top of Home Screen?

    I just installed a really nice background image onto the home screen. However, the notification bar up top (Source/menu/clock) is blocking the top of the image. Is there anyway to get rid of the notification bar? thank you
  8. Removing Type R hood scoop

    how do I get the Tabs out? do i put the trim tool from under the hood and then pull?
  9. Viper security?

    I am looking to up my security on the Type R. My local security dealer recommended Viper value 1-way. Quoted me $275. I’m looking for starter disable and protection from getting my key fob copied. Is this a good system? Any other recommendations Thank you
  10. Email from corporate Honda to sell type R at MSRP

    i was told there was a screen shot of an email from corporate Honda in regards to dealers to sell at MSRP, or else they will no longer get any more type Rs to be sent to their dealers? Wasn’t sure what to search in the search function to find that posting.
  11. eBay Type R seat cover
  12. Type R oem shocks adaptive?

    is the Type R shocks adaptive variable? Meaning when the car turns it reacts by stiffening one side of the car, or if braking/accelerating it will stiffen front or rear shocks? Are the Si shocks adaptive variable?
  13. GoPro Mount to the Type R seat

    i am wondering if anyone has figured out how to mount a go pro to the Type R seat? Something like this? Or does suction cup work behind the car seat?
  14. Rear blower vents

    Go to 2:00 I see that this type r has rear blower vents. Do certain countries have them and others don’t?
  15. Protecting type r seat and arm rest material

    any body know specifically what material are the seats and arm rest made of? I thought about using 303 fabric protectant when detailing a type r. But the 303 product specifically said not to use it on imitation suede
  16. Braid Full Race AC wheel

    If somebody is serious about getting a specific wheel for the Type R like I would be.... I have been talking about getting this wheel for some cars now. But since I don't have a type R yet, I can't measure to see if it will fit. Braid can do custom spec wheels. Their Full race AC (concaved...
  17. 17 inch wheels possible on Focus RS

    I was browsing wheels online when I came across a picture of a WRX sti with 16 inch Braid Wheels. Further looking, on the Focus RS forum, they are able to use 17 inch wheels Team dynamic or Braid wheels on their car, which was deemed not possible not long ago. I'm wondering if the Type R will...
  18. REV match function question

    I have 2 questions for Rev Match Function on the Type R. 1. If you held the clutch in while you down shift, but you don't let off the clutch from the floor, does the rev hold at where it is until you release the clutch pedal? 2. Is this Rev match function a single clutch down shift or a...
  19. Considered abuse?

    I noticed this guy likes to rest his hand on the shift knob alot. Would this be considered abuse especially since he picks his nose alot and rubbing his hand on the steering wheel and knob