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  1. 3 cars with no oil until they died

    Honda won :)
  2. accident inside the parking garage :(

    hi sorry my English is bad anyway i want to show what happen to my civic inside the garage you can share your opinion. other party insurance said we both have responsibility in the accident it means it also my fault because I changed lane but I know im still in the lane when accident happen.
  3. 2017 honda civic sedan LX(cvt) won't start

    no error message everytime I push my key it just click,click,click then I decided to call the tow service but my brother told me "try to put your gear to N(NEUTRAL) then try to start the engine again" well guess what it works like a charm. so I put it back my gear to P(park) again then turn off...
  4. Gas octane

    Hi sorry my english is bad anyway i bought a 2017 honda civic LX(base model) what is the best octane to use? Is it ok to use 89 to 93 octane? Or ill stick to 87? Money is not an issue i just want to put good octane to my car. On manual it says 87 or higher is required but im still confuse what...